WORLD TOUR 2012 - London


Abr 13 2012, 8h13


The concert started with a really cool intro that somehow involved aliens or something XD But anyway after the intro, Ibara no Namida started in an acoustic fashion and then when the hyde went to the chorus part the whole stage lit up in red and the music started playing loudly. This is the first time I've seen hyde without a guitar while singing the song. So it does feel a bit weird o_O But other than that, this is an awesome song and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to see it live... at least once in my life! XD

The next song was CHASE. The screen started showing special effects and hyde moved from side to side just like the PV. Since this is their first time performing in London, they chose the English version.

Then the effects on screen transitioned to GOOD LUCK MY WAY. This is one of my favourite recent L'Arc songs and deservedly so, it's fast-paced and everyone was jumping up and down. All the members did really well, and one thing I've noticed is yuki really has big muscles from the amount of drumming he's done O_O

Then hyde went to pick up a guitar and asked the audience "How you doing tonight? Let's have a great time! We are so excited to be here for the first time. I wanted to see you, London! Are you ready?" YES! HONEY started playing ^^ This song never gets old, especially since we get to see hyde-san play guitar live!

The stage went black and the intro for DRINK IT DOWN started playing and cool special effects were on screen while hyde was singing. After that it was time for REVELATION. Like the 20th L'Anniversary Live, everyone started shouting and pumping their firsts while hyde kept screaming "Come on LONDON! LOOONDON!!" and the song started for real with the same shouting in between. An awesome live performance and great to see everyone enjoying themselves ^^

After that, there was a brief pause with piano music playing and some flower petals falling in the screen. When the lights came back up, all the members were sitting on the stage casually and playing Hitomi no Juunin! I must admit, this is one song that's very difficult to sing with such high notes. Can anyone other singer handle this song better than hyde? I have always been a fan of this song but hearing this live is truly a totally different experience which makes you appreciate L'Arc even more *o*

As the song ended, the intro for X X X started playing repeatedly and a large apple appeared on the screen. Then when hyde started singing, the strong bass and guitar sounds matched perfectly. Like CHASE, they chose the English version to play. A very beautiful and sexy song with brilliant vocals. This is one song I can hear repeatedly the whole day!

The next song was a surprise for me, it was DAYBREAK'S BELL. As ken and tet-chan played the opening sequence, it really got me excited. This is a song with deep meaningful lyrics and I just love the piano accompanying the song's arrangements.

And then came forbidden lover. As L'Arc fans would know, this is one of L'Arc's most epic songs. It starts slowly with yuki's drumming, and then the other members join. The screen showed an ocean and then when the chorus came, it showed blazing flames along with hyde on the front and showing other members playing afterwards.

MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM was the next song, with ken doing a brilliant solo beforehand and then transitioning to the song. This time, everyone sang with hyde near the end chorus "Yume wo egaku yo". I just love when they add these small interactions with fans and it really brings us closer!

It was time for ken's MC! He talked about visiting London Dungeon everytime they came to London, and how he loved the sex scenes in James Bond movies as a child! XD He also bought some presents for tet-chan including cool leggings and also tube map boxers "for his ass" ken said "He'll never get lost in London!" XD

AFter that, SEVENTH HEAVEN started playing and we all danced with the lights moving around. Then came Driver's High, which kept us excited. I loved the special effects on the screen too and it's great to see everyone jumping and having a good time.

tetsuya did his solo part and asked the audience "Do you want to eat my f***ing banana?!" and threw it away and then STAY AWAY started next with the screen showing the dance moves from their PV. This is a really fun song to play live!

With STAY AWAY ending, hyde shouted "ARE YOU F***ING READY?!?!" and READY STEADY GO started and shouted "LONDON" several times and asking us to jump during the performance XD With the song ending, the members left the stage with yukihiro's time to do a solo accompanied by the lightning effects on the screen. He is a brilliant drummer and this just shows the amount of effort he puts in!

For the encore, it started with a piano version of Anata playing and lyrics of the chorus being displayed on screen and the fans started singing the song. After several minutes, it was hyde's turn and the screen displayed a starry sky. This is a classic and I am very confident that even without the lyrics, fans would know this song of by heart! :) A beautiful song and a perfect live rendition!

winter fall was the next song. It's great to see old songs being chosen for these world tours since it gives new fans a chance to experience them. Yet another stellar performance by the band.

yuki started drumming and we all knew that Link was next. In the middle, tetsuya threw more bananas and asked the audience "Do you want to lick my lollipop?!" Then he asked if we wanted to hear more, of course we do! Then Link started playing again.

hyde did his last MC and said how he liked London and wished to perform here again. Niji was the last song, the band's most important song. Feathers were flying on the stage as a teary-eyed hyde sang. This song means a lot to them and being together for 20 years is definitely not an easy task! >_< Simply wonderful...

As the song ended the members left the stage and tetsuya brought even more bananas out and threw them! Before he left, he said "See ya! Mata ne!"


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