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Jun 27 2011, 1h47

well, the issue arises due to the fact that concessions to labor rights & the working day actually work to plug the holes sinking the leaky ship of capitalism. without these efforts, coercive laws of competition undermine that ship, undermines the capacity for the capitalist's own class reproduction (by destroying their labor force). and so workers, by putting their heads together and cooperating, actually save capitalism from its own stupidity and stabilizes it to float on forever.

it is important to note that the welfare state isn't anathema to capitalism, it often stabilizes it. the neoliberal reaction to it isn't about growth, it's about class power. accelerationists merely decide to make an ethical decision not to cooperate with capitalism any longer, to stand up and say, "No, I will not save this incredibly flawed and dehumanizing system from its own stupidity and excess! I shall no longer dive into this freezing water to fill the gaping holes in the boat of capitalism with my own guts and skin merely so that the oppressor can continue dancing safely inside!" step back, prepare for revolution, and allow the neoliberals to take power & destroy themselves with their own excess.

today's left embodies to lacanian concept of false activity: "people do not only act in order to change something, they can also act in order to prevent something from happening, so that nothing will change". is this not merely the true mission of today's left, today's "progressive" liberals? "let's streamline capitalism, reshape it into a human face". accelerationists refuse to play this game, refuse this interpassive mode where the hidden goal is to be active all the time to make sure nothing will really change. those in power often prefer even a critical participation to silence. instead, accelerationists embrace the thought that the first truly critical step is to withdraw into passivity & refuse to participate, to clear the ground for true activity.

of course, the final irony is that today all americans are forced to be accelerationists whether we like it or not due to the schizophrenia of capitalism and the two-party system. a vote for a democrat or a republican matters not, their capitalist policies all resemble each other. a vote for a third-party is irrelevant, as is not voting at all. i point this out to encourage everyone to see the sheer pointlessness of "working within the system" rather than making the parallax shift to one outside of it, where the goal becomes one of feeding the sick & pulsating mass of capitalism until it explodes like the fat man in monty python's meaning of life so that the third world may finally rise up and take its rightful place.


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