Top 10 - 24 Apr to 1 May - A Little Bit of Mean Reversion??


Mai 2 2006, 22h32

Last week was good because I only worked three days and none of them were consecutive. But because I normally listen to a heap of music at work, I expacted that this would dent my weekly listening a bit. Turns out this wasn't the case at all - although my top 10 are something of a reversion to type after a slightly abnormal week last week.

1. Clutch - 177 plays
There's something about a really good live album that ultimately leads to it dominating studio albums. Perhaps it's because music is meant to be played live? Or perhaps it's the additional intensity of a live setting that results in bands really taking tracks up a notch - so the original just isn't quite the same any more. In any event, Live in Flint got a lot of listens and is rapidly becoming my most-listened Clutch record - much like I've pretty much stopped listening to Pearl Jam's older studio records in favour of the live bootlegs they released. Blast Tyrant also deserves an honourable mention.

2. The Smashing Pumpkins - 51 plays
So I spun Gish for the first time in ages, and remembered how much I love some of the tracks on here. Rhinoceros, Bury Me, Snail, Windowpaine... all great tracks. Anyways that prompted a bit of a rumble through the crates, the highlights of which included Hope (a fairly rare instrumental), Apathy's Last Kiss and Eye.

3. Blackalicious - 32 plays
After jamming Blazing Arrow a lot lately, I instead opted for The Craft and Nia this week. It's incredibly hard to pick a favourite from these three records - Nia has a raw, unproduced charm to it, Blazing Arrow is enthralling from start to finish and The Craft has this awesome groovy, sensual quality to it. Tossing up whether or not to get Gift of Gab's solo record...

4. Sevendust - 30 plays
After discussing the merits of Sevendust with Worked, I was inspired to spin some of their stuff. It sort of ended up being a favourite tracks session, and as such included classics like Denial and Terminator, the acoustic versions of Bitch, Rumble Fish and Too Close to Hate, and newer stuff like Desertion, Hero and Face to Face. It really reminded me why I like these guys - they're an incredibly powerful, cohesive musical unit, and Lajon has one of the best voices in hard rock.

5=. Gil Scott-Heron - 27 plays
Turns out that GSH is both insightful and addictive. Having picked up Evolution (And Flashback) last week, which largely chronicles his more poetic moments, I got hooked. This week I really got into some of the more bluesy stuff on there, particularly The Vulture and The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues. Also deserving a mention is the H20Gate Blues, which has some great poetry in it: "Click. The government you have dialled is inoperative."

5=. Jerry Cantrell - 27 plays
A full listen through Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2 - a great double album. It's well worth tracking down the double CD version if you only have the single disc - some of the extra tracks are brilliant, particularly Pro False Idol and Siddhartha. There has been a lot of talk about a new Alice in Chains lately - although of course AIC really died with Layne (RIP), Jerry, Mike Inez and Sean Kinney have been jamming with a few vocalists, or so I hear. Promising news.

7=. The Flaming Lips - 26 plays
I'm finding At War With The Mystics to be particularly infectious, especially that notorious ode to Pink Floyd that is Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung and The Wizard Turns On. Plus I dug out Clouds Taste Metallic on Wed night too for the first time in a while. Ahhhh how good are Lightning Strikes the Postman and Bad Days?!!!

7=. Queens of the Stone Age - 26 plays
I tend to go through on/off phases with QOTSA, but this week was definitely a thumbs-up. Listened to Songs For The Deaf a bit on the bus - the highlights as usual being the title track, A Song for the Dead and Millionaire. Their live record continues to grow on me too - some very nice versions of A Song For the Dead and No One Knows in particular.

9. Foo Fighters - 25 plays
I never really gave the second disc of In Your Honour much airtime when it came out, so I wanted to revisit it. I've concluded that it's only really worth it for four tracks - Still, Cold Day in the Sun, Virginia Moon and Razor. The rest I'm pretty indifferent to. The first disc is, of course, great though. Plus I went back to the classic self-titled album - I think it's still my favourite Foos record.

10. Pearl Jam - 23 plays
Riot Act got some listening ahead of the release of their self-titled album, which is fantastic and which I expect to fully dominate my charts next week. There were also live tracks here and there - some of their tour bootlegs are just briliant. I'm hoping they tour NZ on their current world tour. Or else I'll just fly to Australia and see them there!!

Top Tracks
Long Road to Glory
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Big News I
Big News II
I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth


  • orenigma

    Some damn good stuff there. You're making me want to pull out Sevendust again. Sadly, I'd have to reobtain Home again. I always did have a tough time with anything beyond Home. Maybe I should give those another shot. I hear you about Live in Flint. It's probably my favorite anymore. Curious as to what's so good about Blackalicious. Another buddy of mine has been trying to get me into them. Good week as always. Yer a bugger for having your weeklies.

    Mai 2 2006, 23h07
  • CM1847

    Some great stuff there! I think I get recommended to every journal you write now, probably with good reason. The new Pearl Jam is great, my charts show I needed a [i]little[/i] more preperation than just Riot Act.... And you are dead on about In Your Honour.

    Mai 2 2006, 23h15
  • m0rph3us

    @orenigma: Yeah I seem to have been a bit lucky getting mine early! Must be karma for helping that little old lady across the road last week. Sevendust's first two records were definitely their best. The acoustic one is well worth a look too though, some of the harder songs translate surprisingly well to an acoustic setting - and some very nice guitar work too. @CM1847: Yeah, in a way I'm glad they put out In Your Honour as a two-disc though. Because the filler is all on the second disc, it means the first disc is actually pretty filler-free! I really dig the artwork on the new Pearl Jam album too.

    Mai 2 2006, 23h44
  • CM1847

    The Pearl Jam artwork is a little wild, seems more Tool-esque than Pearl Jam. I think In Your Honour would have been perfect with the 10 songs from the first disc with 3 or 4 of the good songs on the second disc mixed in. It would have been classic Foos, I would have ranked it up there with The Colour. As it is, I will listen to the first disc a lot but I doubt I will get out the second disc just for a few songs.

    Mai 3 2006, 0h21
  • m0rph3us

    @minxy: Yeah I only got into Blackalicious earlier this year. Really funky hip-hop - the best comparison I can think of is Jurassic 5 but with a stronger soul influence. Worth checking out, although I don't think I've sold orenigma on them just yet =P And on the Pumpkins front... hmm will be interesting to see if all these reports of them being in the studio translate into anything. @CM1847: Yeah I agree. I think the handful of good softer songs would've given the first disc a bit more variation - much like TCATS. But too much of the softer stuff and you run the risk of an album like There Is Nothing Left To Lose, which I thought was a bit too marshmallowy soft (aside from Stacked Actors, of course!). On that note - what is it with Norah Jones trying to hang with the rock boys lately? First Virginia Moon with the Foos, now the totally excellent Sucker with Peeping Tom (Mike Patton).

    Mai 3 2006, 0h27
  • CM1847

    I like TINLTL. Not a spectacular album, but good overall. It probably could have done with a few more rockers though, you're right. I think Norah is afraid of releasing another album because it won't live up to her first. Unless she has released another album, in which case she is just guesting because nobody liked her new album. Her best guest work i've heard is on Andre 3000's The Love Below on the song Take Off Your Cool, great stuff, tragically short, but great while it lasts.

    Mai 3 2006, 0h50
  • m0rph3us

    @CM1847: I like the first half of TINLTL - just not really the second. But Stacked Actors is still one of my favourite Foos tracks - when they toured here late last year they turning it into a stunning 7+ minute jam. Hell they could've just played that and I would've gone home feeling satisfied. @minxy: Heh yeah we can certainly try! Peeping Tom has a song featuring Kool Keith, who is a hip-hop artist, like Blackalicious... it's a tenuous connection but it just might work lol I know what you mean about not getting too excited about the new Pumpkins record. I was really hyped for Adore and my bubble really got burst there - to this day I still think that the abrupt change of direction was simply because Jimmy was out of the band at that point in time. But yeah, Zwan wasn't great either... it's all about the expectations management! =P

    Mai 3 2006, 1h42
  • CM1847

    They are great live, only gotten to see them once and it was, unfortunately, right after One By One came out. Still, they put on a good show. Adore is a great album.

    Mai 3 2006, 1h57
  • drd00m

    If you haven't yet, you should definitely see Pearl Jam live, I saw them last year and it's one of the best live acts I've seen. I really need to give Clutch a listen, everyone's saying good things about them....

    Mai 3 2006, 2h07
  • m0rph3us

    I've been lucky enough to see them three times now - the first time was shortly after Colour and the Shape came out and probably still the best. They had a second drum kit set up and when Dave got bored of doing the frontman thing he'd go and crash away on the second kit for a bit. Great gig. I never really got into Adore, although I know a lot of Pumpkins fans rate it very highly. I'd be interested to know why you think it's great. It was a big change in direction and for me it sounded a little forced (either by Jimmy's absence or by Billy consciously trying to change direction without putting enough thought into it). I can't really listen to it the whole way through - it's just too sombre.

    Mai 3 2006, 2h11
  • orenigma

    Typical that I'd be on you for this one, but yes, definitely give Clutch a listen. You actually just happened to stumble into a nest of people with good taste. That's all. :)

    Mai 3 2006, 2h12
  • m0rph3us

    @drdoom: yes you definitely need to check out Clutch - highly recommended if have even the vaguest inclination towards rock/blues rock/hard rock/all of the above. I missed Pearl Jam the last time they toured NZ and that was like 10 years ago. Fingers crossed for this time. They've got such a huge back catalogue now I'd be tempted to see them here and then go see them in Sydney as well.

    Mai 3 2006, 2h13
  • m0rph3us

    *sigh* beaten by orenigma to the Clutch promo gig... hmmm I have a funny feeling of deja vu right now... :)

    Mai 3 2006, 2h14
  • CM1847

    Pearl Jam is great live, jump on it if you ever have the chance. Some of the songs on the new album are screaming to be great live songs, I can only imagine the jam they will turn Come Back into. And the intensity of some of the more rocking songs, it will be great to hear Eddie scream more often. As for Adore, I like that it is a change of pace. They did the loud rock band thing for a while, they were great at it, but it was time for a change. You're right, Jimmy leaving is the reason they made Adore, no doubt about that. It is such a change of pace, but they do it very well. I'm terrible at describing music, but I just like the album. It may be a couple of songs too long, and it isn't my favorite SP alubm, but it is good for what it is. Which is a ncie change of pace from one of my favorite bands.

    Mai 3 2006, 2h50
  • m0rph3us

    Yeah - Comatose is one I'd love to hear live... if it's half as full-on as the gig minxy described it should be awesome! It definitely took balls for Billy to make Adore because it was such a big change in direction. I know a lot of people who completely switched off to the Pumpkins from that point onwards (you know, the same as the ones that switched off Pearl Jam after No Code!!). But I agree with minxy in that the earlier stuff has this crazy mix of emotions - happy, angry, sad, melancholy, innocent... whereas Adore sounds like Billy has the weight of the world on his shoulders - and to be fair he kinda probably did, in a lot of ways. I liked Machina a lot because it was more balanced - you had some of the influence of Adore, and a more worldly vibe, but it had ups and downs like the earlier records and I think was sonically the most diverse Pumpkins record.

    Mai 3 2006, 3h05
  • fly-away

    j5 top track hell yeahhhhhhhhh :D

    Mai 3 2006, 4h25
  • Y2Ken

    I really would like to hear more from The Flaming Lips (especially the new album) and also to listen to the Smashing Pumpkins at some point. Nice analysis of your charts anyways.

    Mai 3 2006, 5h59
  • SilverStarhawk

    Good stuff, Morph, as always. I'm finding the same thing about Live In Flint. So frequently I can't decide on a Clutch album to spin, so I'll go for Live in Flint, since it has a little of everything except Robot Hive/Exodus. I really kinda like Sevendusts' new albums. I need to reobtain the first two, and I only have the last two to keep me company at the moment, so maybe that's swaying me. I think they branched out quite a bit musically on Seasons and Next. Some of those experiments didn't work. Some I think did very well though. I know nothing of this acoustic album. I need to investigate that, I think.

    Mai 3 2006, 12h47
  • m0rph3us

    @SilverStarhawk: Yeah - the acoustic album is DEFINITELY worth a look. Southside Double-wide, it's called - a CD/DVD package (although I still haven't got around to watching the DVD). I like Sevendust's later albums too - just not as much as the earlier ones. There are moments of pure brilliance though - Desertion might be my favourite Sevendust track and Face to Face is great as wel. I guess this kinda reflects the experimentation you were talking about. @fly-away: Long Road to Glory kicks a$$. I'm not sure exactly when it was produced but it's a great track. If it's any sign of what to expect from J5's forthcoming album, it's ALL good news.

    Mai 3 2006, 19h51
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