Great gig!


Nov 9 2008, 22h04

Sat 8 Nov – Tony Moore and Lucie Silvas SPECIAL
It was a good gig, I'll totally be going to The Regal Room again. I dragged my boyfriend along, and first up was Declan Bennett. He was so good that I was desperate to get his album from a couple minutes into his set. His music is like a more chilled out version of The Streets, with a guitar and a little more melody. His music was easy to get the gist of, down to earth and true to life. All the issues he sang about were close to everybody's hearts. His lyrics weren't too well written and his diction was tough to make out, but other than that I really liked him. I bought his album An Innocent Evening Of Drinking on the strength of this gig.

I liked Marcus Bonfanti. He's really cute and a fantastic lyricist. He's got a really big voice which I totally didn't expect and wasn't really to my taste but he's a great performer and musician anyway.

Lucie Silvas was the reason I was there, and she definitely didn't disappoint. She was awesome. Great voice, lovely person, good pianist. She had some friends accompanying her. Her sister Mia Silvas did backing vocals, and her friend James played guitar. Tony Moore played the piano for her some of the time too, and they all worked really well together. It was all very intimate and chilled out, a great atmosphere.

Tony Moore did the last set, and surprised me by being great. He is totally underappreciated. Then a load of them did I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight together. It was wonderful. The whole audience joined in, and had a fun time.


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