Fev 18 2009, 10h12

Sun 15 Feb – Marillion - Happiness Is the Road Tour 2009 (sold out)
This was my first concert of Marillion - and I like the Fugazi period - in fact it's the only period of their work I listen too. So I was disappointed by the fact that I recognized none of the song. However the show was perfect - the lights, the interaction with the public, I really enjoyed it except for the fact that I wanted to hear at least one known song.

The event venue was packed and is really a nice venu - a bit small - but very good for interacting with the artists.


  • shingouz

    It's been more than 10 years that Marillion do not play any Fish material live anymore, except on very rare occasions. They have more than 10 albums of songs with Hogarth to choose from and tend to focus on recent songs.

    Fev 21 2009, 9h56
  • ludovic

    thanks for the inofrmation.

    Fev 21 2009, 9h57
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