• Luzian at gave me a cd as a gift!

    Nov 30 2007, 0h02

    This was the situation:
    I was awake at 3 am searching different things at, and then I realize that I didn't saw any jazz groups on here.
    So I searched for a group called jazz (if there were any!) and joined instantly.
    I woke up the next day (at 12 pm, since I slept at 3 am), and I readed on my email that I received a PM on
    The PM was from Luzian, who manages the jazz group, telling me that I got a free album for being the member number 1000.
    That is luck, just like he said.

    The album I chose is A handful of Beauty of Shakti.
    I think that is the best choice I could make, since that album is more than awesome.
    I received the album today, listened to it 2 times already.

    Thanks luzian for the million time!