• Jamie Lenman - Sorry for harrassing you so early on a Monday

    Abr 28 2008, 8h54

    So I'm sitting on the train, with my morning dose of Racecar is Racecar Backwards and this guy gets on, I swear to god, that's Jamie from Reuben!

    We got off the train and approached him. He was a great guy. On his way to work no less. he told me he didn't really get he wanted similar artists and it just played him more of the same. But I didn't get his username. D'oh! Stupid me.

    Long story short, lovely chap, apologies for harassing you at 9:20 on a Monday morning, but you made my day. What's your username?!
  • Tue 27 Feb – Reuben, Sucioperro, Red Light Company

    Mar 1 2007, 10h24

    Tue 27 Feb – Reuben, Sucioperro, Red Light Company

    First time visitor to the Joiners, and whilst small it was a good atmosphere, and wasn't quite as cramped as I thought it was going to be. Sounded pretty good in there too! Was a touch warm though!

    First off, Red Light Company were pretty good, I wasn't really expecting much but they had a good sound, sounded like something that wouldn't be out of place on Radio 1.

    For me, Sucioperro were good but I didn't really get into it. Guess that wasn't really my thing? But they were still pretty good, and got the crowd going anyways.

    Then, Reuben. The first song I ever heard by them was Scared of the Police years ago, and since then I only saw them support Billy Talent in the Southampton Guildhall, which was good but didn't get the attention they deserved. So it was awesome to see them in such a small place where everyone was fully appreciating the full power of the band.
    They are obviously brilliant guys; Continually stopping and demanding more water for the crowd, thanking everyone for moshing, etc. and they played pretty flawlessly too. An excellent range of songs, from old to new, can't wait to hear more of the new stuff it sounded great, and the crowd responded very well considering it was new stuff.
    They have so many great tunes I lost track of what did and what didn't get played, so didn't exactly miss some of my favourites that didn't, and thoroughly enjoyed some songs I didn't expect to hear.

    I'd definitely see them again, a brilliant night.
  • Billy Talent & Reuben (Southampton Guildhall 12/10/06)

    Out 19 2006, 19h36

    Firstly, what a great combination. What a great final gig.
    When me and my girlfriend found out about the Billy Talent tour, we had to go. Then, we found out it was Reuben supporting and that was just the icing on the cake.

    Unfortunately, the original date was cancelled the night before, which totally sucked. But, luckily both bands came back after the rest of their tour to continue.. And since it was family death it wasn't exactly their fault.

    As for the actual gig, I don't really have a great amount to say apart from it was totally amazing; Reuben were fantastic despite people telling me they weren't great live, IMO they played a good selction of songs, despite not playing some of the more popular ones such as Let's Stop Hanging Out. Certainly got everyone warmed up anyway!

    Billy Talent were again just as awesome, playing all the obvious, again a great selection. The guys were all really down to earth and friendly with the crowd, letting one of the Reuben techs drum one of their songs, and introducing Ryan, who brung Ben Kowalewicz (yeah I had to look the spelling of that up) a beer.

    You'd think at the end of their tour everyone would be a bit tired and fed up, but it wasn't like that at all. I'm eager to see both again already!

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  • Oh yes I love Oasis (B-Sides)

    Jul 2 2006, 18h02

    Well, I pretty much Oasis thanks to my parents being real fans when things like Definately Maybe were released and playing them all the time around me.
    So this afternoon I had a good old' Oasis B-Side fest and to be honest most of these songs could and should have been A sides anyway. I mean, Round Are Way and The Masterplan? Pure emotional goodness, on both scales, and all the others too (Headshrinker anyone?)

    The scary thing is, I could remember all the lyrics without even thinking about it...

    Excellent stuff. How I love having parents who bring you up listening to awesome music. Oasis, New Order, The Smiths, awesome...
  • Goldfrapp rock. (02/02/06 - Southampton Guildhall)

    Fev 3 2006, 0h27

    Tonight, I got a call from my friend Elliot, who somehow had completly forgotton he had two tickets to go and see Goldfrapp. This was at 5pm.. We had to leave at 6. So it was a bit out of the blue, but I love them, and Alison is from my hometown and went to the same college as I did. So, off we went.

    It was fucking great.

    Bass that shook you, your clothes, the building, anything. Lighting that stunned the pants off me (and I do a lot of lighting) and the voice of an angel, Alison.
    All in all, a fantastic night, highly recommend it.


  • Damn.

    Out 11 2005, 20h36

    Ah, how I wanted to go and see Reuben live. They played yesterday at the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, about a 15 minutes walk away from where my halls are for uni.
    BUT it was my first night at work :( How sucky is that?

    So how was it?

    /end pointless journal

    edit: Oh, and I also wanted to go and see Alexisonfire but it sold out! Not doing too well on the gig front so far eh? :P
  • The new

    Ago 8 2005, 0h50

    It's beautiful. Its so beautiful. And wonderful.

    I just have one problem. How the hell am I supposed to help people use this in the forums when its all so new to me? ;)