my kpop collection


Set 1 2011, 8h40

so i just thought i could use my journal to keep a list of what i have in my little collection of kpop cd's. i guess i'll update this whenever i buy something new :)

2NE1 - The 1st Mini Album
2NE1 - To Anyone
빅뱅 - Bye 2009, Hello 2010 (Photobook)
빅뱅 - Big Show 2011 (Live CD)
빅뱅 - The First Single
빅뱅 - The Third Single
빅뱅 - First Concert 'The Real'
빅뱅 - 4th Mini Album
빅뱅 - 4th Mini Album (Special Edition)
G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
G-Dragon - Shine A Light DVD (w/ Poster x2)
G-Dragon - Shine A Light (Live CD)
G-Dragon - Shine A Light Photobook (w/ Poster)
GD&TOP - HIGH HIGH (Gold Version) (w/ Poster)
GD&TOP - Come Play DVD (w/ Poster)
Gummy - Comfort (Autographed)
Gummy - There Is No love (Autographed)
Perry - By Storm
Se7en - Digital Bounce
Se7en - Must Listen
승리 - VVIP
태양 - Hot
태양 - Solar (Deluxe Edition)
태양 - Solar (International Release)
태양 - SOLAR Concert DVD (w/ Poster)
YG Family - 97-YG-02
YG Family - 10th Anniversary Special Album

4Men - You
4Men - Sorry
4Men - The Artist (Red Version)
Block B - New Kids on the Block
Dok2 - HUSTLE REAL HARD (Autographed)
Dok2 & Double K - Flow 2 Flow
Double K - Ink Music
Epik High - Epilogue
Epik High - [e]
Epik High - Pieces, Part One
Jay Park - Take A Deeper Look
- Back To The Basic (w/ Poster)
- Rainism (Recollection)
SHINee - Hello (w/ Poster)
Supreme Team - Spin Off (Repackage)
TBNY - HI: Side A (Autographed)
The Quiett - Quiet Storm: a Night Record