Audio Scrobbler Intermittant


Dez 12 2005, 21h47

I've noticed that Audio Scrobbler is still really intermittant in it's tracking. Even though it shows the tracks as I'm playing them, when I look at my profile later on, none of them are showing up in my daily or weekly history. What's up with that? I don't even remember listening to some of the stuff it says was my most recent plays, either. Hmm... But I've been listening to lots of Christmas tunes and some of the Cocteau Twins "Lullabies to Violaine" tracks I downloaded from iTunes, and those aren't showing up. :(


  • lovespirals

    oh? is there a new version of scrobbler up? i'm on a mac, how about you? btw, i see that it's now showing my recently played tracks. i'll check back later to see if they show up on my weekly stats.

    Dez 12 2005, 23h07
  • lovespirals

    just updated to the newest version. we'll see what that does. thanks! btw, how'd you notice my journal entry?

    Dez 13 2005, 0h35
  • lovespirals

    cool. thanks again.

    Dez 13 2005, 1h36
  • lovespirals

    man, my weekly still hasn't updated! yesterday when we were chatting, i was listening to the whole soulstice album, yet not a single soulstice song has showed up. your lastfm account is updating fine, though?

    Dez 13 2005, 18h19
  • lovespirals

    i think you may be right! still no updates for me, even though i got the new iscrobbler set up and running. bummer.

    Dez 14 2005, 8h07
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