Top 10 "Being-In-Love" Songs


Out 29 2008, 12h10

Nobody said it was easy...
...For all we know love is the driving force behind all human and divine actions. Therefore almost every song has got something to do with love. But it is hard too find 10 songs that cover every aspect of love. And I won't try the impossible but emphasize the state of being in love. Focusing on this positive feeling there comes another problem: Where to find good songs?! Almost every song tackling love is negative in one way or the other. So don't expect too much from this list. =) Cheers to my brother. Top 10 Breakup songs will follow soon.
Let's kick off...

...with Wonderwall by Oasis.
Just kidding!

...with a Coldplay song:
1) The Scientist - Coldplay
Romantic, corny but nonetheless a great song tackling many themes like getting known each other, forgiveness, breaking up but staying together... simply being IN a relationship. Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be so hard. You know what? I wish I was kidding... It is too well known. So let's start off...

...with a different Coldplay song as the #1 Love song.
1)Green Eyes - Coldplay
Does Gwyneth paltrow have green eyes? No, she doesn't! Therefore she forbid Chris Martin to play this song ever again becuase she don't want her husband to a a song he wrote for his ex-girlfriend. Such a pity! This is one of the most beauftiful Coldplay songs even though it is quite cheesy. Well, all Coldplay songs are romantic pop songs. Hmmm... This song is maybe too simple. But you don't want to hear anything more about Coldplay do you? Now that that I fucked up the number one love song it can only get better...

Hang on! It will get better...

2) Teenager in Love - Red Hot Chili Peppers
What a cover. It can give you a good laugh. John Frusciantedoes great backing vocals and the remarkable voice of Anthony Kiedis harmonize perfectly. I love it. If you want to hang out and relax a bit it will give you a good time. (If you want the song in studio quality notify me.)

3) Fell in Love With a Girl - The White Stripes has always been one of my favorite feel-good songs. So guys: Listen to this song and tell your girldfriend that you love her. RIGHT NOW!

4) Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lazy scum! You didn't tell her did you? So here's one for the girls to listen to whilst telling their boyfriends that they love them. Wait! They don't love you like I love you. Maaaaaaaaaaps. I think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will never have a better song.

5) Girls & Boys - Blur
One track for both of you! I couldn't decide between Girls & Boys and Back to Your Heart. The 90ies were a great time for good love songs. Backstreet Boys, N'sync and Take That really got balls...

Ok enough cheering, enough laughing, enough is enough. All we want is progress so let's get over to the ones that makes you think, that makes you cry and that break your heart even when you're in love.

6) Answering Bell - Ryan Adams
This song deals with being in love but not daring to tell your lover. It would be cool to have this one in a romantic movie. But please, Lord, let it be a good one!

7) Silver and Gold - Neil Young
And another signer songwriter singing about his experiences... "Yes, only love can break your heart"* but also: "we have something that never grows old, it's better than silver and gold". If you can sing this song freely start planning to play it at your wedding.

8) I Remember - Damien Rice
I want to focus on the first two minutes because they are the love song. The other part is about breaking up. But "nothing is taking me down" when I'm in love right?

9) Little Wing - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Everytime I hear the intro it takes my breath away and I feel completely transported. A few words, a few chords a simple melody, an enchanting song. Take your time listening and daydream a little ...

10) Whatever This Town - Eskobar
This one is an opener really but I put it at the end of the list because after you listened to it you will need some time to think about love. It might not be intended as a real love song but it really is interesting when you read the lyrics as if it were. So take your time. Here's a small taste:
"If you try to get close to me, be prepared, it might hurt
cause I live like the human I am so my nails, will catch some dirt
Don't expect a knight on a horse to come rescue the princess in you
I got me on my mind, I put myself first and so should you"

And then there's stil the number one song missing:
Knocked Up - Kings of Leon
Personal choice. =)

* I know that was a different song by Neil Young...


  • milkandwine

    im so tiredf of being alone.....

    Out 29 2008, 12h52
  • CDavis

    Nice list, liked the Wonderwall joke. Oh and The KOL choice was a nice touch.

    Out 30 2008, 17h38
  • 9100216845

    Good list, although I don't share your opinion. Nice thing it reminded me of John Cusack ([i]High Fidelity[/i])

    Ago 24 2010, 23h03
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