• "MOZ @ the Frankestein ballroom"

    Out 31 2007, 11h58

    Sun 28 Oct – Morrissey, Girls in a Coma,

    I was at the last three NYC gigs and I have to say that the atmosphere on Sunday was just FANTASTIC.

    Moz opened with "Stop me..." and everybody in the auditorium just screamed, danced and sung along the whole time.

    Moz gave the mic to someone who asked a question about how many gigs he had played so far. To that M replied "You should know as you were at most of them".
    Then someone next to this guy spoke on the mic and said "I just wanted you to know, and I speak for everyone here,that after 20 years you still sound FUCKING AMAZING"
    A big cheer from the crowd and a grin on Moz's face.

    The boys were in great form too.

    A shirt and the "Je suis morrissey" t-shirt ended up in the crowd ( I have a piece of that thanx to my friend Sue).

    A few crowd surfers tried to make it on stage but security was there in numbers and force.

    Fingers crossed for a UK tour in the new year.

    Love, peace and harmony

    Lorimoz x

    Abr 13 2007, 23h06

    My 30,000th song played HAD TO BE:


    by The Smiths.
    There will never be a song I could possibly love
    more as it's a masterpiece.

    The Smiths, Morrissey