• March 2015 acquisitions

    Mar 3 2015, 2h16

    Pat Travers: Feelin' Right - The Polydor Albums 1975-1984 (4CD - eight albums, oddly missing Crash & Burn. Hoping Makin' Magic actually sounds good this time.....)
    The Replacement tickets!!
    Kanon Wakeshima: ツキナミ (CD+Bluray, limited edition in 12" package - must have gotten the last in stock copy at Amazon JP because right after I bought it, the price shot up to over 7000 yen (as opposed to the 4200 street price) and it was sold out at most other online shops......)
    Taylor Swift: Blank Space (EU CD single w/CD-ROM video)
    Yes: Magnification (2CD limited edition w/live tracks and CD-ROM material)
    Tin Machine: Live - Oy Vey, Baby
    ABBA: Live At Wembley Arena (2CD)
    Split Enz: Second Thoughts
    Al Stewart: Modern Times (BGO)
    Van Halen: 1984 (WG Target)
    Arturo Delmoni: Songs My Mother Taught Me (MFSL)
    Talking Heads: Speaking In Tongues (CD+DVD-A)
    Santana: Abraxas (MFSL)
    Rush: R30 (2CD - this is the bonus CD set that came with limited editions of R30 DVD)
    Japan: Oil On Canvas (2CD)
    America: Homecoming (DVD-A)
    Prince: Dirty Mind (WG Target)
    Various: Tonite Let's All Make Love In London (original version on Sony, don't believe I've ever come across this version before)
    Jimmy Page: Sound Tracks (4CD box, compiles his recent releases of Lucifer Rising (previously only on vinyl) and Death Wish II with companion discs comprised of previously unreleased material. A very nice looking set though postage was two-thirds the cost of the actual set......)
    Hex: Hex
    Hex: Vast Halos
    Lou Reed: Original Album Classics (5CD - I was only looking for Berlin but this set includes that plus S/T, Transformer, Sally Can't Dance & Coney Island Baby and wasn't much more than a single album.....)
    Soft Cell: Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (2CD deluxe edition)
    Sniff 'n' The Tears: A Best Of (includes ext. version of Driver's Seat)
    Olivia Newton-John: 48 Original Tracks 1971-1975 (2CD - fairly extensive compilation of pre-pop material.....)
    Robyn Miller: Myst The Soundtrack (never did finish the original game......)
    Bruce Springsteen: Dancing In The Dark (12")
    Robert Fripp: The League Of Gentlemen (LP - a friend mentioned this album to me a while ago, Danielle Dax guests and did the artwork......)
    Julian Cope: Copulation - The Videos Of Julian Cope And The Teardrop Explodes (DVD)
    The Records: Paying For The Summer Of Love (demos collection)
    Phil Ochs: Gunfight At Carnegie Hall (MFSL)
    Bee Gees: Here At Last... Bee Gees... Live (2CD original US)
    David Bowie: Diamond Dogs (RCA JP - knackered artwork but nice backup for previous copy)
    Motörhead: No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (JP)
    Lou Reed: Berlin (RCA Germany)
    Paul Hogan: Narrates Peter And The Wolf And Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra
    Bert Jansch: The Best Of Bert Jansch (Shanachie - couldn't really figure out a proper starting point with Bert so I figure this is good as any......)
    Nurse With Wound & Graham Bowers: Mutation (initial art edition limited to 60, the art card included is a variation of opposite halves of two different persons pasted together to form one face, one example of which on the website is Picasso (I recognize others but can't place the names). I had a laugh at mine because one of the faces is Joan Collins! Can't place the other one but I'd be quite pleased if it turned out to be Jenny Agutter.......)

  • February 2015 acquisitions

    Fev 10 2015, 2h48

    Taylor Swift: Shake It Off (EU single w/video)
    Guards: In Guards We Trust (I think this is my first Shazam purchase, heard a track in a shop, Shazam'd it to find out who it was, took me quite a while to find the actual disc.....)
    Rick Wakeman: The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table (CD+DVD deluxe edition, DVD w/quad mix though reports are saying it is sourced from the vinyl)
    Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives Of Henry VIII (CD+DVD deluxe edition w/quad mix, similarly sourced from vinyl)
    Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Blues Hoot (DCC)
    The Who: The Kids Are Alright (JP 2CD mini-LP - I originally got this on vinyl when it came out and it seemed appropriate to get the mini version.....)
    Andrew Liles: Cover Girls (all female singer comp w/Cosey Fanni Tutti, Baby Dee and others covering Foetus, David Essex, Buggles, etc)
    Jeff Wayne: Spartacus (2CD)
    Vangelis: Ignacio (Etends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer soundtrack)
    Miles Davis: Bitches Brew (2SACD MFSL - I'd like to think that this is the last version of this album I will buy but I suspect that is not true.......)
    The Church: Further / Deeper (signed by the band after their instore set at Amoeba)
    Tangerine Dream: Phaedra (JP SACD)
    Tangerine Dream: Rubycon (JP SACD)
    Tangerine Dream: Ricochet (JP SACD)
    Tangerine Dream: Stratosphere (JP SACD)
    The Sound: 1984-1987 (5CD - 2nd boxset w/Shock Of Daylight, Heads And Hearts, InThe Hothouse, I think the first reissue of Thunder Up and Propaganda, along with a host of bonus material.)
    The Church: Remote Luxury
    The Doors: Alive She Cried (JP for US)
    Ace Frehley: Trouble Walkin' (original Megaforce - noticed the recent reissue didn't have any of the bonus tracks on the original so I figured I should snag it......)
    Patto: Hold Your Fire (only recently became aware of this group after reading a bit about the Rutles, John Halsey played in both bands, and knowing of Ollie Halsall from his work with Kevin Ayers and Mike Oldfield. Ollie was also one of the original recording Rutles. Have no idea what this disc is but I'm guessing it's a bootleg pressing of the album since there is no label information.)

  • January 2015 acquisitions

    Jan 12 2015, 2h44

    Muddy Waters: Folk Singer (Classic HDAD (DVD-A))
    Al Di Meola, John McCaughlin & Paco De Lucia: Friday Night In San Francisco (SACD)
    Samuel Barber/Irving Fine/Eliott Carter/David Diamond: American Music For Strings (WG Target)
    Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 (SACD - Von Karajan 1977 version)
    U2: Under A Blood Red Sky (CD+DVD deluxe edition - may as well bring this one full circle.....)
    Various: The Secret Policeman's Third Ball (w/Kate Bush, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, etc)
    Al Stewart: Images - His First Three Albums (2CD - these have the bonus material from the Collectors' Choice releases EXCEPT a few dropped from Zero She Flies.... d'oh! The CCs tend to go for a lot so this is still a bargain.)
    KISS: Killers (JP - I usually see the WG)
    Serge Gainsbourg: Vu De L'Extérieur
    Klerk Kant: Klerk Kant (JP - aka Klark Kent aka Stewart Copeland - $3!!)
    The Truth: Jump
    The Truth: Playground (American Beat)
    Neil Young: Road Rock V 1 (DVD-Audio)
    Dolly Parton: Little Sparrow (SACD)
    Dolly Parton: Halos & Horns (SACD)
    Shania Twain: Up! (SACD)
    John Lee Hooker: The Healer (MFSL)
    Various: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (Guardians Of The Galaxy RSD cassette - this one seemed to sell out pretty fast so I was surprised to see a couple of copies on the shelf, I figured what the heck......)
    Bob Marley: Exodus (MFSL)
    Can: Soon Over Babaluma (SACD - this has been the hardest one to track down)
    Nektar: Remember The Future (SACD)
    Colleen: Les Ondes Silencieuss
    Paul Bowles: The Pool K III
    The Cure: Staring At The Sea - The Images (laserdisc - I suspect this will never get a DVD release. Most if not all of the videos have been released on DVD but not the inbetween bits)
    Prince & The Revolution: Live (laserdisc - obviously I was mistaken in my previous saying this was only released on VHS.....)
    John Waite: No Brakes Live (laserdisc)
    Buena Vista Social Club: Buena Vista Social Club (DVD-Audio)
    John Cale: Slow Dazzle (original Island)
    John Cale: Helen Of Troy (original Island)
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery (DVD-Audio - finally!!!)
    John Waite: No Brakes
    Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run (Mastersound Gold - missing front insert but it was only $3 so why not......)
    Eric Serra: Le Grand Bleu - Version Integrale (2CD - I've never come across this version before)
    Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Chariots Of The Gods? original soundtrack
    Neil Young: Old Ways (MFSL)

  • December 2014 acquisitions

    Dez 2 2014, 1h22

    David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed (3CD)
    David Bowie: Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (10" single)
    The Rolling Stones: L.A. Forum (Live In 1975) (2CD+DVD From The Vaults)
    The Chameleons: John Peel Sessions (2LP, cut at 45RPM - a curious reissue, not sure why this one was selected for fancy vinyl. Perhaps it's meant to undercut the dodgy version that was released a year or so ago. Mastered by someone who claims to have worked on Pink Floyd's Endless River though I can't find any information as to what he actually did......)
    Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians: Element Of Light (Rhino - never did pick this up......)
    The Kings: Party Live in '85
    The Damned: Anything
    Soundtrack: Wings Of Desire
    The Rutles: Live+Raw (2014 show)
    Anne-Sophie Mutter: Vivaldi Four Seasons (DVD-Audio)
    Nurse With Wound: Lumbs Sister (2014 Jnana - updated CD release that seems to include different material from the download release from a few years ago, at least going by the times of the tracks. Apparently, the film is ready for release and being shopped around.)
    Roy Harper: Born In Captivity
    Queen: Greatest Hits (Elektra)
    Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism (SACD)
    Tin Machine: Under The God (single)
    Jerry Goldsmith: Star Trek - Nemesis Soundtrack (SACD)
    Goblin: Buio Omega
    Motorhead: Ace Of Spades (DVD-Audio)
    Khachaturian: Piano Concerto (Classic HDAD+CD)
    Ravel: Boulez Conducts Ravel (La Valse / Ma Mère) (SACD)
    U2: Live At Red Rocks "Under A Blood Red Sky" (VHS - the early videocassette releases have the unedited "Electric Co")
    Prince And The Revolution: Live (VHS - Purple Rain tour, I don't believe this was released in any other format)
    Premiata Forneria Marconi: Photos Of Ghosts
    The Who: Who's Missing
    Rush: R40 (6BD + Best Buy bonus DVD)
    The Aints: Still Life Unlimited!! Hotter Than Blazing Pistols!!!
    Wes Montgomery: Goin' Out Of My Head (DCC)

    And the year ends with:
    Nurse With Wound: Adolf Wölfli - Courte Autobiographie (book + 3" CD - a very small book (hence the name) by Wölfli published with a very small CD with the two tracks NWW contributed to the 1986 compilation dedicated to Wölfli. These tracks have been available on other compilations but the low price made for a quick impulse purchase......)
    Rowland S. Howard: Six Strings That Drew Blood (2CD - first complete overview compilation of Rowland's work, including Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls, solo, etc. Includes unique solo version of "Shivers" which I think is the only unreleased track on this comp but otherwise a very nice looking package. Only wish they had included his Alex Chilton cover.)

  • November 2014 acquisitions

    Nov 2 2014, 3h14

    Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV (2014 2CD Deluxe Edition)
    Led Zeppelin: Houses Of The Holy (2014 2CD Deluxe Edition)
    Rod Stewart: Blondes Have More Fun
    Olivia Newton-John: Olivia's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
    Rosemary Clooney: With Love (SACD)
    The Rolling Stones: Hampton Coliseum (Live In 1981) (2CD+DVD From The Vaults release - I still have my cassette recording of the radio simulcast)
    Tim Buckley: The Copenhagen Tapes
    Camper Van Beethoven: Tusk (2CD)
    Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (MFSL)
    The Rolling Stones: Don't Stop (CD single w/full length extended remix of Miss You, which was edited for Rarities)
    Al Stewart: Pieces Of The 20th Century (2CD-R boot - recordings from Past Present & Future period)
    McCoy Tyner: New York Reunion (SACD)
    Yes: Relayer (CD+Blu-Ray Steven Wilson remaster)
    Rick Wakeman: Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (MFSL)
    Quincy Jones: Smackwater Jack (MFSL)
    Weather Report: Heavy Weather (SACD)
    Roy Harper: Death Or Glory? (1994 Science Friction)
    Siouxsie & The Banshees: Through The Looking Glass (2014 remaster - finally they've released the single version of Song From The Edge Of The World.....)
    The Who: Rarities 1966-1972 Vol I and Vol 2
    Big Star: Live In Memphis (DVD - 1994 concert, it says "Complete Big Star Concert" but for whatever reason, they decided to make one song exclusive to the CD & LP versions)
    Hiromi: Live In Marciac (DVD)
    Carmaig De Forest: Carmaig De Forest's Death Groove Love Party
    Roy Harper: Unhinged
    Billy Joel: The Stranger (SACD)
    Splitz Enz: The Beginning Of The Enz
    Rod Stewart: Camouflage (WG Target)
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones
    Willie Nelson: Night And Day (DVD-Audio)
    Soundtrack: Top Gun (SACD)
    Pink Floyd: The Endless River (CD+Blu-Ray box)
    The Police: Reggatta De Blanc (SACD - more NOS uncovered somewhere, this completes my collection of original run Police SACDs.....)
    Rush: Presto (Audio Fidelity SACD)
    Paul McCartney: New (2CD+DVD Collector's Edition)
    KISS: Love Gun (2CD Deluxe Edition)
    Alice Sara Ott & Francesco Tristano: Scandale
    Nurse With Wound: The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt (art edition LP w/painting, limited to 100)
    David Bowie: The Man Who Sold The World (Ryko Au20)
    Billy Currie: Transportation (with Steve Howe)
    Peter Gabriel: Passion (SACD)
    Kraftwerk: Die Mensch-Maschine
    The Moody Blues: To Our Children's Children's Children (SACD+CD deluxe edition)
    Crowded House: Crowded House (DVD-Audio)
    Soundtrack: Sopranos - Peppers & Eggs (2SACD)
    Aphrodite's Child: The Complete Collection (2CD - this has all of the singles and first two albums, though oddly broken up in what seems to be a focus on chronology, and about half of 666 so not quite "complete"......)
    Bee Gees: Children Of The World
    The Box Tops: Nonstop (Sundazed)
    John Coltrane: My Favorite Things (SACD)
    Sly & The Family Stone: There's A Riot Goin' On (SACD)
    Soundtrack: Casino Royale (Classic Records Digital Audio Disc (DAD))
    Glenn Gould: Bach - The Goldberg Variations (SACD)
    Philip Glass: Einstein On The Beach (4CD - this doesn't seem to show up too often.......)
    David Bowie & Bing Crosby: Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy (includes low quality Quicktime video)
  • October 2014 acquisitions

    Out 11 2014, 3h29

    John Cale: Sabotage/Live
    Neil Innes & The World: Lucky Planet
    Queen: The Game (MFSL)
    Al Stewart: Russians & Americans (Collectors' Choice)
    Supertramp: Crime Of The Century (MFSL)
    Paul Hardcastle: Paul Hardcastle (w/"19")
    Xmal Deutschland: Viva
    Olivia Newton-John: Video Gold 2 (DVD)
    Rod Stewart: Shotgun Wedding (CD single)
    Cassell Webb: The Thief Of Sadness
    Bernard Herrmann: The Four Faces Of Jazz (MFSL)
    The Corrs: In Blue (DVD-Audio)
    Tommy Shaw: What If (Absolute)
    Tommy Shaw: Girls With Guns (Absolute)
    Various: Urgh! A Music War (shop actually had two copies)
    Coil: Hellraiser Themes
    Foreigner: Head Games (WG Target)
    Andrew Gold: What's Wrong With This Picture? (Collectors' Choice)
    Steve Stevens: Flamenco-A-Go-Go (DVD-Audio)
    John Barry: Frances Original Soundtrack (SACD)
    Faye Wong: 100,000 Whys?
    Malice Mizer: La Collection "merveilles" (CD+3DVD)
    Danielle Dax: Blast The Human Flower (Noble Rot)
    Echobelly: Lustra
    HTRK: Psychi 9-5 Club
    Josef K: Young And Stupid
    Josef K: The Only Fun In Town / Sorry For Laughing
    Zola Jesus: Taiga (LP marbled vinyl)
    Al Stewart & Peter White: Live At Carmel-By-The-Sea (DVD - I've been on an Al kick lately, having found some of his more hard to get releases (24 Carots and Russians And Americans). Also, picked up a ticket to an upcoming show. In London, he's performing Year Of The Cat and Past Present And Future in their entirety and I'm hoping he's bringing that show here as those are my favorite albums of his.)
    Foreigner: Foreigner (DVD-Audio)
    The Rolling Stones: Say Ahhh! (US promo compilation for 1989 Steel Wheels tour)
    Muggsy Spanier And His Huge Dixieland Band: Columbia - The Gem Of The Ocean (MFSL)
    Scott Walker + SUNNO))): Soused (2LP)
    Issac Hayes: Shaft (SACD)
    Taylor Swift: 1989 (Target deluxe edition - battle royale this week between Miss Swift and ScottO))) for listening dominance. Oh who are we kidding, it's Scott......)
  • September 2014 acquisitions

    Set 4 2014, 12h58

    Michael Brook: RockPaperScissors
    Carla Bozulich: I'm Gonna Stop Killing
    Oasis: What's The Story Morning Glory (SACD)
    Split Enz: Mental Notes (2006 remaster)
    Goblin: Amo Non Amo (JP)
    Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story (Te Kanawa, Carreras) (SACD)
    Planet P Project: Planet P Project (LP)
    Soundtrack: Eddie & The Cruisers (LP)
    David Bowie: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (SACD)
    Laibach: Nova Akropola
    Pink Floyd: Meddle (32DP)
    The Kings: Anatomy Of A One-Hit Wonder (DVD documentary)
    Shania Twain: Up! (SACD)
    Don McLean: American Pie (MFSL)
    Pearl Jam: Jeremy (CD single)
    Tangerine Dream: Ricochet
    Judy Garland: Recorded Live And Complete At Carnegie Hall (2CD DCC)
    The Beat: The Beat
    Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here (35DP-4 - finally found what some consider the "holy grail" of pressings for this album, this is the first JP mastering used for the first couple of pressings in the US, it has only two tracks, each LP side being one track each. This copy is scratched all to hell but it ripped pretty cleanly.)
    Willie Nelson: Stardust (CBS Mastersound Gold)
    Soundtrack: Ultraman Complete Song Collection, Volume 1
    Byron Janis: Pictures At An Exhibition (Mercury Living Presence SACD)
    Ohio Players: Fire (DTS CD)
    New Model Army: Between Wine And Blood (2CD, new studio tracks plus live disc)
    Danielle Dax: Inky Bloaters
    Stomu Yamashta's Go: The Complete Go Sessions (2CD)
    Hilary Hahn & Hauschka: Silfra
    Toyah: Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! (Cherry Red)
    Tori Amos: Unrepentant Geraldines (CD+DVD)
    Pat Travers Band: Snortin' Whiskey At The Warfield - Official Bootleg (1980 show)
    The Who: Quadrophenia (Blu-Ray Audio)
    Yes: The Yes Album (CD+Blu-Ray Audio)
    Yes: Close To The Edge (CD+Blu-Ray Audio)
    David Bowie: Sound+Vision (4CD 2014 reissue - this is a weird one, there seems to be a lot of Bowie activity, new 10" single, singles comp, etc but this reissue seemed to come out of nowhere. I have the original 3CD Rhino box which I bought second hand and which I supplemented with the CDV which came with the initial reissue but didn't bother with the updated 4CD reissue when it came out since it didn't really have much of what I considered essential material but this time around, I figured why not since I was able to get it for $20 shipped and was able to give my support to Bowie in at least some miniscule way.)
    Pink Floyd: The Final Cut (35DP)
    Wendy Carlos: By Request (And this completes my Wendy Carlos CD collection...... huzzah!)
  • August 2014 acquisitions

    Ago 3 2014, 22h43

    Tommy Shaw: Girls With Guns (another one for the "Forgotten 80s")
    Models: Local &/Or General
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Yeah Yeah Yeahs (debut EP)
    Colleen: The Weighing Of The Heart
    Kate Bush: The Single File (VHS - has a few videos not included on The Whole Story)
    Roger Waters: Radio KAOS (VHS)
    Levon Helm: Levon Helm (MFSL)
    Little Milton: Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number (MFSL)
    Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue (SACD)
    Olivia Newton-John: One Woman's Live Journey
    The Moody Blues: Days Of Future Past (MFSL)
    Simple Minds: Themes Volume 4 (5CD EP box - this begins the period where I completely lost interest so I hadn't sought this out but I figured I would give this material another shot as there are a few interesting tracks on this release......)
    Roger Waters: In The Flesh (2SACD)
    The Stone Roses 2000: Old School Vs. New School Vol. 2 (12" Rabbit In The Moon remixes of "I Wanna Be Adored")
    Derek And The Dominos: Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (SACD)
    The Rolling Stones: Fifty Years - Live (2CD - this is a compilation of live tracks from their previous live albums and made to go with a special Vodka set)
    Olivia Newton-John: Totally Hot (original MCA)
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Kicking Against The Pricks (CD+DVD deluxe edition)
    Deep Purple: Live On The BBC (SACD)
    Lene Lovich: No Man's Land
    The Teardrop Explodes: Everybody Wants To Shag...
    The Teardrop Explodes: Wilder
    Echobelly: Everyone's Got One (2CD deluxe edition)
    Echobelly: On (2CD deluxe edition)
    Michael Stanley Band: Heartland
    Goblin: Roller (JP)
    Robyn Hitchcock: The Man Upstairs
  • July 2014 acquisitions

    Jul 7 2014, 1h17

    Lene Lovich: Flex... Plus (Rhino)
    Queen: News Of The World (WG Target)
    Gerry Rafferty: Night Owl (original on Liberty)
    Sonic Youth: Confusion Is Sex (SST)
    Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift (CD+DVD Deluxe Edition - scarcer version with 11 videos instead of the standard 10)
    Tears For Fears: Songs From The Big Chair (MFSL)
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow (DVD - live at the Fillmore)
    John Denver: The Best Of John Denver Live (SACD)
    Nurse With Wound & Graham Bowers: Excitotoxicity (limited art edition of 100)
    Pink Floyd: The Division Bell (DVD - w/5.1 mix)
    Mike Oldfield: Lost In Space (2CD - boot w/live recording of Orchestral Hergest Ridge, supposedly taken from an acetate of a shelved release)
    Secret Chiefs 3: Live At The Great American Music Hall (DVD)
    Ravel: Daphnis Et Chloé (SACD - James Levine, Boston)
    The Truth: Weapons Of Love (liked the title track despite the cheesy video, later I would find out this band included key members from Nine Below Zero)
    Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin III (2CD Deluxe Edition)
    The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night (Criterion BluRay+DVD)
    Led Zeppelin: The Girl I Love (CD promo, includes "Whole Lotta Led Medley," a brief sampling of every song from every studio album)
    John Mayer: Heavier Things (SACD)
    The Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks 2 (WG Disc 2 to go with my Disc 1)
    Brinsley Schwarz: Original Golden Greats / Fifteen Thoughts (I already have this, d'oh!)
    Donald Fagen: The Nightfly (DVD-Audio - nice replacement for my buggered copy)
    Sheila E: The Glamorous Life (this CD seems to have gone scarce.....)
    Models: Out Of Mind Out Of Sight (I decided to compile some "forgotten" artists/songs from the '80s, including the Truth release above.)
    The Lloyd Cole Small Ensemble: Slaughterhouse Studios 01/22/2010
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery (3CD+DVD-A+DVD+LP 2014 Super Deluxe Edition - I struggled with purchasing this. I don't really have a problem with these mondo Super Deluxe Editions, though I'd rather not buy material I didn't need to get the 1-2 things I really want. This particular album happens to be one of my favorites and the inclusion of a new 5.1 mix, a couple of unreleased mixes and a DVD documentary from 1973 made this an instant buy for me..... initially. When the 40th anniversary release was announced, there were plans to release a slimmed down Deluxe Edition, 2CD+DVD-Audio, including the new 5.1 mix, similar to the Deluxe Editions of the first two albums. I was still leaning towards getting the Super Deluxe but right before the release, it was announced that the 2CD+DVD version would NOT have the 5.1 mix. No explanation was made and previous descriptions, including at Amazon, were slow to update their information (probably because they didn't know) so a lot of people who bought this expecting the 5.1 mix were sorely disappointed. The only explanation for this change was to siphon more funds from fans by making the 5.1 exclusive to the Super box, hoping to accelerate its sales. Whether or not it worked remains to be seen but I decided to get it despite all this as the price came down quite a lot and I had already planned on buying it. Still, it left a sour taste in my mouth seeing the label's disregard for fans who didn't want to or couldn't shell out for the Super box. Given how bad the labels have had it lately, leave it to them to still find ways to screw over fans. Fuckers.)
  • June 2014 acquisitions

    Jun 3 2014, 2h24

    Swans: Public Castration Is A Good Idea (an online retailer listed this in new condition on Half.com for $3 and some change. I thought the chances of this being the right title were slim to none. Still, it's a difficult title to confuse and decided to take a chance. So when I received it in the mail, I was convinced it was a mistake and I ready to fire off a mad email telling them they listed the wrong item. It actually wasn't a mistake and I just received a sealed copy for just over $6.....)
    Roy Harper: Death Or Glory?
    Irène Papas: Rapsodies (2007 Remaster)
    Téléphone: Crache Ton Venin
    Laibach: Spectre
    Shannon Wright: Perishable Goods
    Shannon Wright: Maps Of Tacit
    Various: The Peel Session - The Sampler (cool little comp from the original series release)
    Aphrodite's Child: Greatest Hits (1995 comp)
    Beck: The New Pollution And Other Favorites (JP EP)
    Grateful Dead: From The Mars Hotel (MFSL)
    Staind: 14 Shades Of Grey (DVD-Audio)
    John Coltrane: A Love Supreme (Impulse SACD)
    Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (MFSL)
    Metallica: Metallica (DVD-Audio)
    Pat Travers: Heat In The Street (2013 JP SHMCD)
    Isao Tomita: Pictures At An Exhibition -Ultimate Edition- (JP SACD)
    Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II (2014 2CD Deluxe Edition)
    Eric Clapton: Slowhand (MFSL)
    Versailles: Philia (CDS + live DVD)
    Swans: Love Of Life (Finally! Just need a couple of early releases and Die Tur Is Zu.....)
    Go-Go's: Good Girl (CD single w/1981 live tracks)
    Pink Floyd: The Wall (MFSL, Disc 2 only - bah, this is turning into a Curse Of MFSL Disc 2 Only's!)
    Spooky Tooth: Spooky Two
    Sting: Nothing Like The Sun (MFSL)
    White Noise: An Electric Storm (Island "3D")
    Arcadi Volodos: Plays Liszt (SACD)
    Harmonia: Muzik Von Harmonia
    Soundtrack: Conan The Barbarian
    Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin (2CD Deluxe Edition)
    Dust: Dust (2008 Repertoire w/bonus track)
    Dust: Hard Attack (2008 Repertoire)
    Foreigner: Juke Box Hero - Best (German comp)
    Ringo Starr: Ringo 5.1 - The Surround Sound Collection (CD+DVDA - I had picked this up a couple of months ago but it was missing the DVDA. Fortunately, these were pretty cheap so it didn't set me back too much having to pick up the full set.)