• Fortarock XL: Huge!

    Jun 2 2013, 11h16

    Sat 1 Jun – FortaRock XL
    Terrible weather (almost no sun, wind, greyness) and huuuge crowds (some 50k people). The rundown:

    Amenra: Boring. Singer doesn't manage his vocals live very well.

    Audrey Horne: Only seen in passing. Looked fun.

    Delain: Good performance, audience was still a bit sleepy. Pretty singer and butch bass player.

    Enslaved: Bad sound but good show, nice interaction with the crowd.

    Entombed: They really liked playing for us. Good sound, very cool.

    Amon Amarth: First highlight. The crowd loved it and they loved it too.

    Motorhead/Volbeat: Only in passing. Sounded really good though.

    Opeth: Second highlight. Amazing singing from Mikael, terrible sound otherwise.

    Rammstein: I hate Rammstein. Everyone else seemed to love it though.

    Further things:
    The toilet arrangements were good. The food was fucking expensive, which is normal.

    Conclusion: We had a good time. Could have been better in aspects, but also oh so much worse.