Worst of the Best - another alternative meme.


Abr 21 2006, 17h34

Another in the series of memes that are not the insidious Mainstream meme. Spread it on your own journals and together we shall lead last.fm out of its mainstream-calculatin' pit! :)

The meme is simple - list your top 10 artists and write your least favorite song for that artist. Explain why.
Try to avoid picking pointless/banal/uninteresting songs. Go for the utter rock bottom.
I plan to ignore some of my top 10 and put others instead, simply because I don't have anything interesting to say about them.

1. Artist: David Bowie
Song: Dancing in the Street
Reason: While Bowie has quite a few lackluster albums in the 80's and silly/immature songs in the 60's, nothing quite beats this half-hearted performance and its corresponding horribly embarassing video (with Mick Jagger).

2. Artist: The Beatles
Song: The Word
Reason: I can forgive pointless songs in their early period, but this is pushing it. Rubber Soul has quite a few boring songs like that. Seems
like they phoned them in.

3. Artist: The Smiths
Song: Barbarism Begins at Home
Reason: I know that countless teenagers in the 80's turned vegetarian because of Morrissey's crooning in Meat Is Murder, but for me, the last two tracks - and especially Barbarism Begins At Home - are a reason to stop the CD playback early and put something else on. Long and stretched out and lethargic and boring. Hard to imagine it's on the same album as What She Said, which has amazing beat and rhythm.

4. Artist: Elbow
Song: Crawling With Idiot
Reason: I haven't been listening to Elbow that long so I haven't really developed any hatred for any tracks yet. I picked this one simply because I usually space out on the album when it's playing, snapping back when Grace Under Pressure begins.

5. Artist: Tom Waits
Song: The Black Rider
Reason: Tom Waits has his share of bad songs - from early maudlin schmaltz-ballads to later unlistenable experiments. I picked this at random from The Black Rider because it is an extremely uneven album, ranging from the disturbing to the unlistenable.

6. Artist: Pixies
Song: Distance Equals Rate Times Time
Reason: While I disagree with those who say that Trompe le Monde is a bad album, I will agree it's the Pixies' least focused. And of the tracks on that album, this is the least focused. Doesn't really go anywhere, doesn't realy do anything.

7. Artist: Radiohead
Song: Fitter, Happier
Reason: I could pick something out of Hail to the Thief that totally eschews melody or rhythm, but that would be too easy. Instead, I will go for the unexpectedly popular monologue of Fitter Happier, which takes 5 minutes to come to one rather simple point, does not give it any sort of fulfilling musical accompaniement, and in general reeks of pretentiousness.

8. Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Song: This Boy
Reason: It's hard to really have bad songs when you don't step far out of your comfortable pop-rock niche. Most of their songs sound similar enough to avoid being really BAD. I picked this track because it's exactly the same as their standard (but fun) tracks on their first album, but we expect better than simple filler on their (otherwise also excellent) followup album.

9. Artist: Jethro Tull
Song: Quizz Kid
Reason: From 1969 to 1979 you could hardly find a bad Jethro Tull album. A golden period. But like Bowie during the same decade, there had to be something to spoil the party. For Bowie it was Young Americans, and for Tull it was Too Old To Rock'n'Roll: Too Young To Die. It had some good songs, but some (like Quizz Kid) are simply not it.

10. Artist: Simon & Garfunkel
Song; The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
Reason: A good example as to why grass isn't always a good thing. 'Nuff said.


  • HenchmanOfSanta

    I think it should be called Worst of the Best.

    Abr 21 2006, 17h57
  • ChrissyM

    [quote]horribly embarassing video (with Mick Jagger).[/quote] Oh man, that's the best video I've ever seen! You can't help but watch..transfixed to the screen...

    Abr 21 2006, 17h59
  • Vaft

    If I was David Bowie and saw that video today, I would break down crying.

    Abr 21 2006, 18h15
  • Caribou

    agreed on 'distance equals rate times time'. that song is just the chorus from the original version of 'subbacultcha' stretched out for a full song - no wonder it's so dull. the original demo version of 'subbacultcha' is amazing though, far better than the version that appears on 'trompe le monde'.

    Abr 21 2006, 18h26
  • lisardggY

    HenchmanOfSanta: You are, of course, correct. I can only attribute this slip-up to a momentary lapse of anything resembling intelligence. ChrissyM/Vaft: I still get occasional flashes of a turquoise vest with padded shoulders and a manic grin surgically implanted on both their faces. I'm glad I only hit puberty in the 90's or that might have scarred me for life. Caribou: Is that the one that is included on Frank Black's FrankBlackFrancis album? The one with the original Pixies demo tapes? I bought it a few weeks ago, gave it a perliminary listen and put it aside for a while, and now I can't find it. If it's that version, I'll try to dig it up again.

    Abr 21 2006, 19h41
  • Caribou

    no, there's a version on the self-titled record, which contains some of the 'purple tape' demos. well worth checking out. there's a cool version of 'broken face' on there, too.

    Abr 21 2006, 19h52
  • JP_onry17

    This is a great meme idea. The Word was pretty close for my worst Beatles' song.

    Abr 21 2006, 20h01
  • Teaforone

    I love Barbarism Begins at Home! I have no idea how you could think it's worse than the title track of Meat Is Murder, which is truly abominable.

    Abr 21 2006, 23h18
  • lisardggY

    Teaforone: It's a close call, I'll grant you that. They're both this thick morass of boredom at the end of the album. I don't think I could differentiate between them if I was held at gunpoint. I think I gave Barbarism a slightly lower mark for not even having any lyrics I cared to remember.

    Abr 21 2006, 23h51
  • Teaforone

    Surely Barbarism is a musically superior song, though? And the lyrics to Meat Is Murder are hardly anything to write home about...

    Abr 22 2006, 0h21
  • lisardggY

    Musically superior? Possibly. If I really try, I can recall the music to both. Both seem (to my booze-addled memory) to be gloomy drawn-out pieces with few redeeming qualities. As for the lyrics - I turn to the same memory, pierced as it is right now with rum and scotch, and recall the following two phrases: A smack on the head is what you get for not asking, and a smack on the head is what you get for asking. [Some words describing meat]. It's death for no reason, and death for no reason is murder. The latter may be self-righteous but at least I can sympathize with the sentiment to a certain extent. My mother always said that in a few decades eating meat will be frowned upon just like wearing furs is now, so we should get on with carnivoring while we still have the chance. The former, though, just seems like Morrisey whining about school and family. It works just fine in The Headmaster Ritual earlier in the album, but is just snoozeworthy when it gets to Barbarism.

    Abr 22 2006, 0h27
  • Teaforone

    Fair enough. I find Meat Is Murder so unbearable that I didn't even rip the song from the CD onto my hard drive, which is a dishonor I only save for the worst of the worst (see also: Revolution 9 by the Beatles). Maybe the fact that I'm an unrepentant meat-eater has something to do with it, but even setting that aside I find absolutely nothing redeeming about that song. At least Barbarism has a groovy bassline.

    Abr 22 2006, 1h09
  • Asmogriff

    Bah, you can't count Fitter Happier as a song. But I guess it would be quite difficult otherwise.

    Abr 24 2006, 16h26
  • lisardggY

    Well, the only reason I didn't pick a song out of Pablo Honey is that I never managed to listen to it long enough to remember any songs from there. Way too boring.

    Abr 24 2006, 19h28
  • DarthStench

    i like this, i think i'll copy it. yay!

    Ago 27 2006, 5h06
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