Elliot Minor at The Forum, November 2008


Nov 23 2008, 12h19

Fri 21 Nov – Elliot Minor, Anberlin, The Hot Melts

This was a night that most definitely a brilliant start to the weekend.

First up were The Hot Melts, who were pretty good, but the lead singer's voice annoyed me. I might wait untill I hear some recordings before deciding whether to buy their music.

Then it was Anberlin, who were brilliant!!! They really got the crowd going, and I loved the slight emoness (new words) of the random screaming. There was a bonus as well - the lead singer was hot!

Then... - Lisa turning into fangirl - Elliot Minorcame on (the fangirl bit happened when Alex came on - I love him) and they were amazing!!! The best songs were The Broken Minor, which was really epic, slightly more so than on the album, and Jessica, which was part of the finale, along with some pretty cool fireworks.

Summary: Hot Northern boys, fireworks, headbanging and singing along very loudly. I want to see Elliot Minor again.

Note: Please excuse the fangirlness of some of this.
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Elliot Minor, Rock for Life!


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