Me, the Sibz and Wiiiiiiz.


Out 25 2011, 6h05

Fri 21 Oct – Wiz Khalifa
I suggest that if you haven't already seen Wiz Khalifa once in your life, you do so. He is freakin' incredible. I got everything that I asked for in seeing him in concert and so much more. He really showed up; no doubt. I knew that he was good, but had no idea that he would blow my mind. I was literally left speechless after his concert. My voice was gone from screaming my lungs off. Weed filled the arena, and I don't do drugs or condone doing drugs, but for some reason with Wiz, it seemed alright. Everyone was so happy and high. It was definitely one of the most unforgettable nights of my life. It was worth every cent spent on that $55 ticket, and worth every minute spent waiting in line. The anticipation for him was insane. The vibes given off were strictly desirable. I loved everything about his concert, and every time I listen to a Wiz Khalifa song, I relive it in a way. GREAT investment! Had a lovely time. It goes beyond saying.Wiz KhalifaRolling Papers


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