• European music festivals

    Jul 31 2009, 16h24

    After the Spring 2010 semester is over (around April/May) I'd like to take my first trip to Europe, would like to go to a music festival! Please comment with any and all metal and/or rock festivals that you know of that takes place in Europe!! The festival will (obviously) be the deciding factor as to what our main destination will be.
  • New OTEP!

    Jul 31 2009, 16h00

    What does everyone think of the two new Otep tracks? "Rise Rebel Resist" is the only one that I like even a little bit, but I'm sure that with time these tracks and the new album will grow on me. Anyone going to any shows this tour? I'm going all the way to TX just to see them. According to some of the pictures from the recent shows, they're selling the new CD at the upcoming shows!! Anyone have a setlist for this tour?!?
  • Rant on Paris Hilton + MTB3

    Ago 12 2006, 8h55

    My beef with the recent additions of "Making The Band 3" is that P.Diddy talks so much smack about how he wants to find amazing women to make a "girlgroup" that will change the music industry and become legends. If that was the case then why does it matter if they're a bit chubby or not(Season 1)? Talent knows no sex, age, religion, or weight limit! Why does it matter if they know how to dance or not? The "artists" that need dance to sell their music are those who aren't real artists. If he would've said "I want to put together a girlgroup to make as much money as possible and be #1 on the charts" which is much closer to the truth, it would've been okay.
    If you take the finished product, Danity Kane, it's obvious that they're just another shitty group of so-called artists for the masses with nothing to offer to true music listeners. They don't even know how to explain the group name! If you listen to the music the lyrics are about partying, having fun, and boys - at least 80% of the current US Top 40 have music about the same exact crap. None of them have a great vocal ability that sets them apart from other MTV "artists". They don't even have hot beats! To top it off none of them are all that attractive, how did Diddy manage that?!

    Talentless popular females of today's US Top 40 are always halfdressed and at least half-way good looking, mainly because that's all these "artists" have to offer 'cause they certainly have no talent(some may be able to dance decently but what does dancing have to do with music?). But none of Danity Kane are nice eye candy but they do [obviously] have that halfdressed thing down. Do I think Cassie or Ciara are actual artists and should be making music? Hell no! But I can admit that the makeup artists, fashion wackos, and weave experts behind them make them look pretty damn good so the greedy record execs got me on that part.

    ...and Paris Hilton making music??!?! No need to go off on a long rant about that as I'm sure others can do it better. But I will say that all of the "artists" backing her up are either sell-outs(Hello, Fat Joe) or weren't real artists to begin with. I predict that her shitty so-called music will be a big hit, it sounds like something you'd hear in a trendy club and she has a lot of fans(for some unknown reason) so I see no reason for it not to be a hit. No one with good taste or are actual music listeners would be caught dead listening to it though.
  • Jamey Johnson's debut

    Fev 4 2006, 4h36

    I bought "The dollar" the day it came out and I must say that I'm pleased with my purchase. Of course my favorite track(before I even bought it) is "Kepping up with the Jonesin'" which is the gem of the entire disc. I would not suggest making up your mind on Jamey Johnson based only on the hit single "The dollar" or the fact that he helped write "Honkytonk Badonkadonk"(pure trash), he really isn't bad at all. The only thing that I can't stand and doubt I ever will is the track "Rebelicious" it's trash but those who like "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" and other such songs will most likely love it, I always skip it.

    Jamey JohnsonThe DollarGeorge JonesClint BlackDixie ChicksTravis Tritt
  • Best female rapper I "know": Mia X

    Fev 2 2006, 21h05

    I discovered Mia X a year ago when I finally got her disc "Unlady Like", it has some of your typical songs that female rappers do, however, Mia has talent and writes all her own lyrics which sets her apart from almost all of the others including some of the men. If you pay attn. to the lyrics even on those formula tracks like "I'll take ya man" & "Unlady Like" her flow reins supreme. On tracks like "You & Me" & "I don't know why" it's obvious that there was actual thought behind the lyrics, and has the amount of deepness that you NEVER hear from the No Limit camp and most other rappers.

    At the moment the best track to me on the disc is "Hoodlum poetry":

    [Mia X]
    I came to this country with my mama
    Everybody called her the white girl
    But you all knew I had a lil' somethin' somethin' on me
    Cause my outer was slightly tanned
    Southern folk called me a yellow gal
    I've been out here in this world for a while now
    Bringing madness and mayhem to man, woman, and child
    You see my mother, the white girl had several lovers
    So my father's true identity has yet to be discovered
    Some call it A-1 soda others V-12
    Doctor Tishner has been implicated
    But all of their seeds are incriminating evidence
    As far as my perception goes
    My mother, she was indeed good, but I was most powerful
    Just ask anybody in your hood
    You can even ask those in corporate America about this mobstress
    Most times, I as little as a pea, though my weight fluctuates
    Size ain't shit, cause I have enough game to make you steal from ya mama
    And call her out by her name
    I can make her neglect her children, sale her body, perform dirty tricks
    On her knees and be called the neighborhood hottie
    Everybody's a thief and a liar once they make my acquaintance
    They be anxious to buy my love, they lust for me
    Want to hold me and test my purity, but it's only for a moment
    You see the ecstasy that I give to you
    It's only temporary but quite costly
    I'm bossy from your very first encounter with me
    I tell you, you need me, gots to have me, can't live without me
    The pea, my game extends, it gets deeper
    You see my skills don't pimp just the weak minded
    The so-called big ballin' brothers are obsessed with me
    They kill, rob, and plot on one another to possess me
    They see me as a goddess
    The financial path that will lead them out the ghetto
    But don't they know, have a clue
    That I and my mother were sent here to destroy them
    To entice, baffle, and trap them
    Conscious people call the conspiracy genocide
    Well, what do you think
    I mean you make money off me, while they pile up evidence on you
    Then get you to spend all the money you're stackin'
    On lawyers and bail bondsmen
    They seize your property and worldly items
    That have you caught up in this lifestyle
    Material things that turn friends to foes
    Woman to hoe, man to monster
    Yeah nigga you've changed but so what
    Cause I give you what you need I give you power
    Make you feel invincible right by me

    I make you feel like a big man, timer
    No matter how fat, ugly, illiterate you are
    I make the prettiest women love you
    Fight over you and compete with others trying to give you babies
    I make your relative, want to kiss your ass
    Treat you like a king and roll out the red carpet
    They've got one hand out for money
    And the other hand has a pen in it so you can sign your life policy
    My assistance makes you have that edge over the next man
    Cause it's all about me and money, the root of all evil
    The necessities of function in this society
    I make all your gangsta dumbass stories interesting
    Cause you are the man
    I mean we listen in awe as you speak of your murder tales
    Ménage a trios, homosexual advances, and secret romances
    I'm bout it and I make you feel bout it bout it
    I split family, split friends, split lovers and even business partners
    So niggas nickname me crack, ain't that something
    I'm the reason why a lot of people are homeless, crazy, crippled
    Why they're HIV positive and dead
    But you still want me, feel the need for me to be in your possession
    Fear to get high off my intoxicating little pieces
    Or to spread my love to profit
    You're even willing to kill and die for me
    And even though my mother, the white girl
    Engaged in several orgies for my creation
    I still know my father, you know him too
    You follow his lead, and work with him
    Claim you hate him but your actions are different from your tongue
    Let's face it, you serve him faster than you do your God
    We own you nigga
    And as far as the ones that send I and my mother here to destroy you
    We own them too
    So after all my destruction, I must pat myself on the back, uh uh
    I am crack, the devil's daughter
    Human life, minds destroy ya
    You need me, yeah ya do, for sho' ya do, you really do
    So go head on nigga, take a hit
    I'ma keep putting you out on the streets
    Freeze you now, help me to kill you
    Hoodlum poetry, food for ya mind
    Wake up deaf, dumb and blind, it's time
    I'm the masteress, I'm the mobstress
    I'm the pimpstress, and I own you
    I'm the masteress, I'm the mobstress
    And I own you, I'm trying to kill you
    And I'm succeeding, yes I'm succeeding
    I'm trying to kill you and I'm gon' do it
    I'm gon' kill you, I'm gon' kill you
    I'm gon' kill you, and it's bloody

    From what I've seen on the internet her parents have passed away which forced her into leaving the music biz, sad thing to 'cause she's the best female rapper I've heard and one of the best over all - male or female.

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