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    Ago 18 2010, 6h48

    of love
    ALI Project - 緋紅的牡丹 - Fei Hong De Mu Dan
    ALI Project - 水月鏡花 - Mizuki Kyouka - (AAKA Suigetsu Kyouka)
    伊田恵美 - 月の明り - Tsuki no Akari
    王菲 - eyes on me

    of the world
    ALI Project - 胡蝶夢心中 - Kochou Yume Shinjuu
    Yuki Kaijura, Emily Bindiger - the world

    of my soul
    新居昭乃 - Solitude

    of death
    Malice Mizer - au revoir
    Fiona Apple - Across the Universe (beatles cover)
    岩崎琢 - In the sunset glow
    王菲 - soul of the hero
    Gackt - Mizerable
    梶浦由記 - to nowhere
    酒井良 - Scarlet
    鬼束ちひろ - Infection

    of the dream world
    王菲 - 流年 - Flower of Paradise
    新居昭乃 - Yousei no Shi

    of sleep
    夏川りみ - 島原の子守唄

    of nostalgia
    梶芽衣子 - Meiko no yume wa yoru hiraku
    片倉三起也 - wolf in winter
  • Music I haven't gotten to yet...

    Jul 3 2010, 2h38

    At the Edge of Time
    The Resistance

    Benim Adım Orman

    Gotta think of more... and that's why i gotta write them down...
  • Music that I am looking for!!!

    Mai 22 2010, 4h07

    List of a bunch of music I want to get, (which are not too easy to find on the internet)....
    There's a lot more, but I'm planning to add more once I remember what they are...

    Miki Nakatani (中谷美紀)- Everything.
    Long ago I had downloaded the album(?) Frontier and really liked some of the songs. Lost that album due to hard disk failure... She's more popular as a TV actress as well, but that makes it harder to find her music other than a few TV themes.

    Arai Akino (新居昭乃) collaboration with Yula Yayoi (柚楽弥衣) as "Goddess in the Morning".
    This is supposed to be a single collaboration album, supposedly pretty good too.

    Lullatone - an album or two to start with...
    Light instrumentals, very sparse vocals from what I've seen on youtube. Sounds ethereal and experimental... lots of xylo which i <3...

    Göksel - Everything.
    This girl came up while I was listening to Not sure if the rest of her songs are any good, but I thought Karar Verdim was cute. I liked her voice in Dursun Zaman as collaborator, but I actually hate this band (Manga) as much as I hate limp bizkit.
  • The Ultimate Singer Battle-Out

    Mai 2 2006, 16h07

    Singers only. No composers, bands or anything…

    These are my top 5 singers. Anyone on this list is dearly loved, no matter the rank they receive. They're incredible...

    Final Scores
    王菲 faye - 43 : carefree, self-loving, feels like freedom
    椎名林檎 shiina - 38 : pouring out, dark, feels like a thunderstorm
    鬼塚ちひろ chihiro - 32 : caring, introverted, feels like swimming
    坂本真綾 maaya - 32 : cheerful, young, feels like running
    新居昭乃 arai - 33 : meditative, light, feels like flying

    I did this to figure out secretly whether anyone could have surpassed faye wong... I felt faye wong tremble in the mention of shiina ringo... Yet here they are. About the results, I'm not sure whether i'm sad for ringo, or happy for faye... But it's impossible to go either way.

    Best Songs
    the wandering red shoes
    love commandments
    moon at that moment
    soul of the hero
    cambrian period
    sometimes love has a false reputation
    night date
    haiiro no hitomi
    kabukichou no joou
    tokyo no onna
    arashi ga oka
    chibikko folk
    kuuki to hoshi
    hiru no tsuki
    kakusei toshi

    It was gonna be three each, but I've decided to give the winners extra song promotion space. Tried to isolate the best of the best, but it's hard!


    Finally, there are singers who have failed to get into the top five, or haven't kept up their good work...
    Their great songs however do not deserve to go unnoticed...
    Here are the honorable mentions (name order):

    Angela Chang, Fu huo jie
    恋文, Koibumi
    佐藤直紀 Koizumi Kouhei, Secret sorrow
    Lily Chou-Chou, guraido
    Lost Wing Lyrico, lost wing (instrumental)
    The Flower of Carnage Meiko Kaji, shura no hana (I'm a fan of the old movie songs)
    FRONTIER (Album Version) Nakatani Miki, frontier
    Hitoribocchi Natsumi Abe, hitori bocchi
    歌う理由 Okuda Miwako, utau riyuu
    プラネタリウム Otsuka Ai, Planetarium
    未成年Shibata Jun, miseinen
    Ningyo HimeTanaka Rie, Ningyo Hime

    and some more i forgot...



    Best okinawa-style-singer is...

    a tie between 夏川りみ Natsukawa Rimi and Rikki (nakano)


    Here are the raw rankings for the main singers
    (first place is worth 5 points, then descending to 1)


    consistency of genius
    1. shiina ringo
    2. faye wong
    3. chihiro onitsuka
    3. arai akino
    5. maaya sakamoto

    pure self-talent
    1. shiina ringo
    2. maaya sakamoto
    2. onitsuka chihiro
    4. arai akino
    5. faye wong

    pure gifted
    1. faye wong
    2. onitsuka chihiro
    3. shiina ringo
    4. maaya sakamoto
    4. arai akino

    range of songs
    1. shiina ringo
    2. faye wong
    3. maaya sakamoto
    3. arai akino
    3. onitsuka chihiro

    best overall song
    1. faye wong, wandering red shoes
    1. chihiro onitsuka, infection
    3. shiina ringo, hon'nou
    4. maaya sakamoto, chibikko folk
    5. arai akino, hiru no tsuki

    best cute song
    1. arai akino, hiru no tsuki
    1. faye wong, eyes on me
    3. maaya sakamoto, park amsterdam
    4. shiina ringo, kofukuron
    5. chihiro onitsuka

    best weird song
    1. shiina ringo, doppelganger
    2. maaya sakamoto, fado
    3. arai akino, <kouseki radio songs>
    4. faye wong
    5. chihiro onitsuka

    best instrumental song

    best voice
    voice clarity
    1. maaya sakamoto
    1. arai akino
    3. faye wong
    4. chihiro onitsuka
    5. shiina ringo (after cigarettes)

    voice range
    1. faye wong
    2. shiina ringo
    3. maaya sakamoto
    3. chihiro onitsuka
    3. arai akino

    voice beauty
    1. faye wong
    2. maaya sakamoto
    2. arai akino
    4. chihiro onitsuka
    4. shiina ringo

    voice emotiveness
    1. shiina ringo
    2. faye wong
    2. chihiro onitsuka
    4. arai akino
    5. maaya sakamoto