• Top 12 Albums of 2012

    Dez 13 2012, 19h53

    Fresh off the blog presses! 12 tasty, mostly indie albums that deserve your ears.

    OTM Top 12 of 2012
  • Top 15 Meme

    Nov 13 2008, 1h31

    Stolen from kyoto_tig

    What song you heard first?
    What song made you fall in love with this band/artist?
    What song is your current favourite?

    **I define Current Favourite not as my all-time favourite of the artist as of now, but the song of theirs currently spinning the most due to it fitting my life right now**

    1. Tori Amos
    Heard First: Beauty Queen/Horses
    Made Me Love: Spark
    Current Fave: Roosterspur Bridge

    2. The Dresden Dolls
    Heard First: Girl Anachronism
    Made Me Love: Girl Anachronism
    Current Fave: Girl Anachronism

    3. Karen Kosowski
    Heard First: Not sure, it was live... Crazy Little Game?
    Made Me Love: Stained Glass Window
    Current Fave: Out Here At Sea

    4. Finger Eleven
    Heard First: Circles (as Rainbow Butt Monkeys)
    Made Me Love: Consolation Day/Awake and Dreaming
    Current Fave: Consolation Day/Awake and Dreaming

    5. Matthew Good
    Heard First: Apparitions
    Made Me Love: Strange Days
    Current Fave: 99% of Us Is Failure

    6. Spring Awakening
    Heard First: Mama Who Bore Me
    Made Me Love: The Bitch of Living
    Current Fave: Those You've Known

    7. Rilo Kiley
    Heard First: Not sure, Portions For Foxes maybe?
    Made Me Love: A Better Son-Daughter
    Current Fave: A Better Son-Daughter

    8. Evanescence
    Heard First: Bring Me To Life
    Made Me Love: Bring Me To Life
    Current Fave: Lithium

    9. Garbage
    Heard First: Only Happy When It Rains
    Made Me Love: Only Happy When It Rains
    Current Fave: Bleed Like Me/You Look So Fine

    10. Imogen Heap
    Heard First: Angry Angel
    Made Me Love: Angry Angel
    Current Fave: The Moment I Said It

    11. Ani Difranco
    Heard First: Shameless
    Made Me Love: Untouchable Face and Shameless
    Current Fave: Recoil/Slide

    12. Avril Lavigne
    Heard First: Complicated
    Made Me Love: Losing Grip
    Current Fave: Slipped Away

    13. Nine Inch Nails
    Heard First: Head Like A Hole
    Made Me Love: Head Like A Hole
    Current Fave: Discipline

    14. Fiona Apple
    Heard First: Criminal
    Made Me Love: Criminal
    Current Fave: The Way Things Are

    15. Sarah McLachlan
    Heard First: Building A Mystery
    Made Me Love: Elsewhere
    Current Fave: Perfect Girl
  • Review: Finger Eleven in Toronto

    Mai 9 2007, 1h20

  • As you get older, it's funny....

    Jan 14 2007, 15h22

    I've noticed that as I get older. my music taste evolves and changes. Most noticeable is my growing love of the music that my parents listened to while I grew up.

    Now, don't go thinking I'm listening to the likes of, say, Yanni; my parents have great taste. I'm actually quite certain that my overall enjoyment of a diversity of genres is due to the blessing that was growing up in a music-heavy household where many genres were played on regular rotation.

    All the same, I was talking to my mom about a month ago, and I mentioned I was collecting Pink Floyd albums, and she kinda gasped, and said, "No! Really? You're getting into all that? Have you seen The Wall movie?" To which I reply, "I bought it two months ago. LOVE it." Then, we get on the topic of Kate Bush, another artist I've gotten into in the last year. Years ago, when discussing my Tori Amos love and the way people look at me funny for following her on tour, I remember my mom reassuring me and saying, "Oh don't worry. People thought I was nuts for liking Kate Bush."

    Interesting factoid: I discovered that a song my parents used to sing like a lullabye of sorts to me as a child is actually the chorus of Kate's Babooshka. Is it any wonder I turned out as I did?

    I also find myself lately digging into my personal 'oldies' collection, the songs of my pre-teen years. Crash Test Dummies! Ha! It's quite fun. I suspect my chart is going to grow stranger by the week since adding these songs to the iTunes mix.

    My parents and I always bonded over music; I was five when I had their 300+ record collection memorized. I still gush when Irene Cara plays, because she was the first concert I saw (at age 3!). It's nice to bond now, as adults. My dad and I listen to Pink Floyd, The Tragically Hip, Matthew Good, The Eagles... usually with a lot of alcohol. Mom and I share the female artists: Chantal Kreviazuk (her older stuff, which doesn't suck), Sarah McLachlan, that sort of thing... But mom also likes to throw in her rock and folk from the 70's, so out will come the Joni, the Skynyrd... And then, she's into musicals and opera; she used to have me watch Madame Butterfly with her. So when I have the cash, I take her to shows like Phantom of the Opera, or Riverdance.

    Music is my oxygen. And I have my parents to thank for that. For all of our miscommunications over time, we always find a way to speak through mutual appreciation of song. It's no wonder than when all else fails, I can find a lyric to say what I mean. I've been doing it all my life.
  • I love you Christina

    Jun 23 2006, 19h19

    I didn't think you could top Stripped, but I really think Back To Basics has a good shot.

    Gah! Candy Man!

    Christina Aguilera
  • No, Pink, you're not dead....

    Mar 25 2006, 1h14

    ... and officially, every album you've done since your debut contrived by the machine is solid. I do think this one is better than Try This... feels very like your sophomore gem.

    Congrats on Mr. President BTW - fantastic jab right about here: "What kind of father takes his daughter's rights away?"

    Ahh.... leaked albums are delish.... add another to the To Buy list.Pink
  • "Thank you for destroying me"

    Fev 11 2006, 5h08

    Back on my plagued dying laptop..

    At least there's new music to be had...
  • Music....

    Dez 13 2005, 22h14

    It's my last day as a 24 year old... I am enjoying new musical goodies (Imogen, Kate, Karen)... and trying to forget the fact I feel immesnely depressed and old.

    Currently enjoying nostalgic Christmas songs (Run DMC) and a recording of Karen's last show, which includes a Tori cover dedicated to me. YUM!
  • *shudders*

    Nov 15 2005, 18h00

    Need.... new.... computer....
    Must.... download.... more.... new music....

    Stupid empty hard drive. *kicks it*

    Currently obsessing over Rilo Kiley, Kate Bush, Madonna's latest, and Karen Kosowski. Karen's show is this weekend. Yay! Hope she plays Karma Police again.

    It is nice knowing she will play my fave song of hers (Love & Bandaids) - if only every artist I loved could do so.

    Dresden Dolls DVD soon!