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Ty SegallImaginary Person Ontem 19:09
Ty SegallMike D's Coke Ontem 19:07
Ty SegallMelted Ontem 19:05
Ty SegallSad Fuzz Ontem 19:02
Ty SegallGirlfriend Faixa preferida Ontem 19:00
Ty SegallCaesar Ontem 18:56
Ty SegallFinger Ontem 18:53
Tom WaitsThat Feel Ontem 18:49
Tom WaitsLet Me Get Up On It Ontem 18:48
Tom WaitsI Don't Wanna Grow Up Ontem 18:46
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  • ValeriaSixx

    I came here to ask you the same question, how was Yes and NIN? How are you? :) And Ghost was one of the best concerts I've been to ever. Have a great rest of the week!

    28 Ago 6h18 Responder
  • tlukes123

    How was Yes?

    27 Ago 18h24 Responder
  • iturnmycameraon

    for sure we have to meet up at fyf! ha

    21 Ago 15h11 Responder
  • satchalicious

    Looks like I'm a fan of the Runaways now... I just checked out their other music besides Cherry Bomb.

    19 Ago 0h10 Responder
  • Stacy9

    No I haven't seen it yet :( Hahah I think I heard it once before. Oh btw do you know if they have any stuff for the haunted mansion anniversary at mickeys?

    16 Ago 16h42 Responder
  • Pyramid_Stomp

    What an unusually good music library ! Don't mind me as I take a listen.....Cheers ~ Snake

    15 Ago 14h56 Responder
  • tlukes123

    My five year old was running around singing everybody must get stoned! I'd call that a parenting win!

    13 Ago 3h15 Responder
  • retrovix

    Wow that's a whole lot of songs! I'm so jealous haha :P omg yea tonight Justin Timberlake...I will probably lose my hearing from the shrieking coming from all these women lol

    12 Ago 23h16 Responder
  • tlukes123

    My wife absolutely hates that one! I get to play it exactly once a year at home :)

    12 Ago 20h31 Responder
  • tlukes123

    I think if I had to do a top five Dylan list so far: Highway 61 Revisited, Bring It All Home, Blonde On Blonde, Freewheelin, Desire. This is all preliminary anyway and ask me next month and I might have a different answer. Freewheelin for Masters of War alone is worthy of making a top five entry in my book!

    12 Ago 20h05 Responder
  • tlukes123

    I've been going by the allmusic listings, skipping the two star rated ones for now, that still leaves quite a bit to check out. I did however add Self Portrait to the playlist which I know is supposed to be really bad, but somehow I'm still curious...

    12 Ago 18h42 Responder
  • tlukes123

    I keep adding albums to my amazon wishlist as I listen to them. So far I think this one and Desire are at the top of the list. Listened to Nashville Skyline earlier and that one's really rad too.

    12 Ago 18h34 Responder
  • tlukes123

    Giving Slow Train Coming a listen, have to say this one is totally different than I thought it would be. Was expecting something like traditional gospel songs but instead this one's a bit of a rocker.

    12 Ago 18h15 Responder
  • MissTool

    I know fat vegans! And is not abnormal. If you don´t each meat, which is essentially protein and fill up yourself with carbs and sweets is normal do get fat. Does he drink? Excess of booze also makes you fat.

    12 Ago 13h10 Responder
  • ValeriaSixx

    Yeah I get bored sometimes and well I added couple of things XD

    12 Ago 4h44 Responder
  • retrovix

    Thank you! I know :( haha back to my daily routine. Today was just the staff but tomorrow will be the craziest day with all the kinder kids crying haha such fun. I noticed you went to see Paul McCartney!? How was he? I'm jealous ;P

    12 Ago 3h23 Responder
  • satchalicious

    Yep, when I was watching the movie I knew I'd immediately be getting the soundtrack. I didn't think about owning the actual tape, that might be neat even if just as a display on your desk or something. lol.

    12 Ago 1h40 Responder
  • MissTool

    I had erased her from my mind till you mentioned it lol Btw did you see Moz was dropped by his label?

    12 Ago 1h20 Responder
  • Stacy9

    HAHAHAH so true xD

    12 Ago 0h24 Responder
  • Stacy9

    Haha yeah but it seems like disneys merchandise department is really dumb. There's so many things they can make. They really don't want our money :P

    12 Ago 0h20 Responder
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