2007 Review (I suppose I should, even though it's February)


Fev 22 2008, 10h25

1) Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

Seriously, fuck Radiohead, and fuck 50 Cent vs Kanye West.

If there was one must-listen download-only album of 2007, it was Saul Williams' Trent Reznor-produced (yes, he of Nine Inch Nails)NiggyTardust. 100,000 copies released for free. Crunching, industrial basslines with fantastic hiphop from a slam poet/spoken word artist over the top. What more can you ask?

2) El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead

Even more exciting than Saul Williams' album was this one from Anticon's head honcho, El-P. Bleak, paranoid lyrics portray the neurotic world of modern life almost perfectly. Definitely takes some time to grow on you. It's not left my car or my iPod since it was released.

3) a) Elliott Smith - New Moon

Finally, a B-sides and rarities album that doesn't suck ass. There, I've said it. I once bought a Johnny Cash box set which contained mostly rare tracks, but was disappointed by sound quality and track choice (much as I love the Man in Black, I didn't need to hear three alternate versions of certain songs). This is a fantastic CD, worth it for Big Decision, Georgia, and New Monkey alone.

3) b) Elliott Smith - Place Pigalle

And a studio version of Place Pigalle, which leaked later on this year (December, woo!), meant that Liam got his fix of Elliott Smith for the year.

4) Bless 1 - Starving Artist

Not something huge (and again, available through his Myspace for free download), but intelligent, well-written rhymes over light, fast beats, which made this a fantastic album from a rapper that deserves to be huge. Highly, highly recommended (and it's free!).

5) Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth

In the more traditional hip-hop stakes (El-P and Saul Williams' albums are anything but), Brother Ali takes the prize, though Marco Polo's Port Authority comes a close second. Introspective, moving, intensely personal - definitely not what you're looking for for a 'yo, I'm gangsta' (those after that should go no further than Jay-Z's American Gangster film tie-in/commercial/'inspired work', which isn't half bad (though Lil' Wayne needs to stop the guest appearances and make something of his own, he's using all his talent up on promotional mixtapes)) album.

6) Burial - Untrue

Dubstep. Spectacularly good dubstep, but if you're not into the genre, pass on it. Good introduction, though, and it'll come into its own for winter in the city/night driving.

7) Ghostface Killah - The Big Doe Rehab

I take back what I said about gangsta rap and Jay-Z. This album was fantastic, and everything the Wu album should have been. Yolanda's House summarises this album - either you're like me, and listen to Ghost being busted dealing, chased by the cops, getting asthma, hiding in a girl's house, being cooked breakfast and getting laid before being chased by the cops again (all in the first minute and a half, if that) in awe, or this album is not for you.

8) Grinderman - No Pussy Blues

Nick Cave learns to play guitar. The title track is self-explanatory, but there's something about this song and its repeated refrain of 'but she just didn't want to' which makes it catchy, but in the antithesis of the crap you hear on the radio.

9) Spank Rock - YoYoYoYoYo

Along with his pairing with Benny Blanco (Spank Rock and Benny Blanco Are...Bangers and Cash), this was my party album of the year. This guy can drop references to Star Wars and Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg in the same line and it still sound tight.

10) Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog

More melodic and easier to get into than his earlier stuff. For an idea of what you're in for, watch the video for Boy With a Coin.


  • liamf

    Burial's Untrue was definitely a high point, but I don't know that it really built much on its debut. It's fantastic music for in the city in winter, or night driving, but I tend not to go 'Hey, I'm outside chilling or BBQing, I'll put Untrue on.' Maybe just me though.

    Fev 24 2008, 20h57
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