yard sale extravaganza


Out 2 2007, 20h52

i went to the best yard sale the other day ... i got there at the tail end of it, i cannot imagine what this guy had before greg and richard got to it. but at any rate i got some excellent additions to my lp collection.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
Rem - Murmur
Rem - Fables of the Reconstruction
U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Searching For The Young Soul Rebels (have you heard this album? i mean, have you HEARD it? it's too bad about come on eileen, honestly, because this album is just fantastic but no one knows about it.)
Wire - 154 (the best wire album)
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska
Television - Adventure
Tom Tom Club - s/t
The Fall - Live At The Witch Trials
Elvis Costello - Armed Forces
Elvis Costello - Get Happy!!
The Clash - s/t
The B-52's - Whammy!
Blondie - Parallel Lines
Laurie Anderson - Mister Heartbreak
Roxy Music - s/t
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
Pretenders - s/t
PiL - Public Image
XTC - Drums And Wires
XTC - English Settlement
The Selecter - Celebrate The Bullet


  • aladdinsane2007

    that's a pretty freakin' sweet list! out of that list, the only one I have on vinyl is Whammy! but there's some on there I'd sure like to add to my collection!!

    Out 2 2007, 21h57
  • lettersnider

    i forgot to mention i also got Squeeze Argybargy ... i was very happy someone told me about the yardsale before it was over!

    Out 3 2007, 10h15
  • bobthewalrus

    Lucky... I love getting good finds at yardsales. Once, I got New Order's Substance for a dollar, a PiL album, Fear of Music by talking heads, and a bunch of others for a dollar or two apiece. If I had brought more money I would of bought the couple of Smiths albums that were there.

    Out 7 2007, 19h27
  • ChadFromCanada

    Holy christ, I rarely find great stuff like this on vinyl.

    Dez 23 2007, 1h06
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