The Cribs live @ The Soundhaus


Mar 4 2007, 18h10

Fri 2 Mar – The Cribs, New Cassettes, Pavilion

There was high expectations for what was The Cribs comeback gig and I myself was very excited about the night. Opening for the trio was Pavilion another Wakefield band who set a high standard for the night even if the crowd hadn't quite built up yet. Following were local band New Cassettes who put on an amazing performance to get everyone pumped up for the night. Playing through crwod favourite "You Won't Stop" and "Recover Retreat" the gig for them seemed triumphant.

Finally there was the band we were all here for. The Cribs. Saying hello to Gary earlier already had me extremely excited so I expected big things from them, this being my 3rd time seeing them live. They didn'y disappoint. Opening with new song "MTV" (I think :S)they ploughed through a set of older classics "Direction" and "Another Number" but also pleased the crowd with new brand new song Our Bovine Public which earlier that week had been previewed on their myspace. The crowd were surfing, dancing and going mental which was bouncing off from the Cribs energetic performance which included Ryan jumping into the crowd on more than one occassion. Finishing with "The Wrong Way To Be" overall the night was amazing and certainly the best I had seen the guys play. The Cribs


  • OliverBarnard

    mate! this is so surreal seeing you have reviewed this gig. it was the first time i saw cribs i was like 14 haha. i was on the barrier for this gig, went in so early and just stood there all night ha! new cassettes as well thats crazy i wonder what theyre up to at the mo. safe man xx

    Nov 18 2009, 13h21
  • let-down

    ha, i think i was 15 at the time. was a great gig, didnt realise anyone had read this! not sure what the new cassettes are up to although i know they did release an album somewhen! x

    Mar 23 2010, 23h23
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