• The Slackers put out all the stops in Ithaca

    Abr 15 2008, 17h24

    Thu 10 Apr – The Slackers, and more TBA

    Ladies and Gents --

    This show got off to a pretty late show with the opener sliding onto stage around 10:15. The Rocksteady Explosion played decent but definitely was not my cup of tea. It seemed that they were more of a reunion of a band that played together in college. Didn't really hear much rocksteady at all in what they played but they seemed to liven up a bit of the locals who were fans of theirs.

    Bomb the Music Industry! was definitely a punk band on all accounts. The band seemed tight and presented their music well. I have not heard much of their material, but they were really rockin it out for quite a bit. The guitarist almost got slayered by us! (aka dude was wearing a slayer shirt and was about to get honored for it)

    At roughly midnight, the Slackers took the stage and proceeded to execute an incredible amount of material from their most recent effort, self medication. I picked up the cd and am really enjoying this one for sure. It provides many tunes that are familiar in sound to something you might hear on previous albums along with a slew of very eclectic new tunes. As described by many recently, many of the new tunes harness a very far east reggae sound. You will quickly notice the weird tones Vic has been employing on his roland that are near psychedelic. Really great song writing throughout.

    Glen Pine took the limelight on many new tunes such as "estranged" and "eviction". Glen's prowess as an up and coming soul singer for the band (as heard on covers such as "cupid" by sam cooke) make you barely miss QMaxx from the band. "estranged" is an excellent tune...and the organs on that...weird upsetters with a trippy edge?

    They played many tunes from all of their previous albums, and even took a special moment to attempt "Red Light" and several other tunes from that album that they probably haven't played that recently. As usual, Hillyard and pine were wailing on those horns...and marcus, vic, and ara brought the riddim hard. Vic did a great job with new tunes such as "Leave Me" and "Happy Song" and all their older material is well...excellent as always.

    We also - as a crowd - received a quick education of the psychology behind blade runner...not sure what that was all about, Vic. : D

    Overall - we were out of there around 2am and journeying back to Rochester, where I barely made it home all types of delirious at around 4am.... : D
  • The Slack fails to disappoint even without Ruggiero

    Mai 7 2007, 15h21

    Fri 4 May – The Slackers, The Phenomenauts, Mrs. SKAnnotto, The LeVar BurTones, Room 30

    I am standing up front getting ready, hanging with emmy (my wife), watching everyone come out, noticing that Vic's organ was nowhere to be seen....starting to get a bit disappointed....

    Dave announced a few songs in that Vic couldn't be at the show that evening due to a family emergency. (in fact...he lemented later to a group of folks after the show that he probably would not be at others..maybe just NYC...)

    Glen played just about everything in his repetoire including what went wrond, cupid, a beatles cover, glenn version of feed my girl, and some latin ska cover...all of which were amazing...Glen was really on point that evening....and even hacked through a few vic tunes early on. They played a selection of instrumentals and Disco Dave(who is definitely not a singer by any means) sang "the fool" , off of RS7 for good measure. They also played a less frequently heard live songs off of the question.

    Honestly, I think they were really suprised that Rochester showed them so much love despite that fact that Vic wasn't present. Twitch looked a bit scared for a minute too... ; D

    They played about 75 minutes and the set was rock solid...bunch of stuff I am not really remembering plus a few new tracks. Of course you did not here all the great vic tunes you were hoping to hear...not even close...but i can't sit here and say it wasn't worthwhile to see. It was a glimpse, if you will, into a slackers without Vic. Hillyard and Pine did some killer soloing.

    I know that everyone else is great in their own right in the I wasn't worried about them carrying the show without him...but it still left you wondering.."Is he gonna be in buffalo? what am I doing tomorrow night again that I can blow off?"

    Woke up the next day and listened to the Vic solo stuff...first the slack with no vic then ...the vic with no slack. I am thinking about hitting up that slack cruise around manhattan in a few months....2 hour cruise with the slackers!

    BTW -- was digging skannotto..those guys are pretty fun to watch.. phenomenauts reminded me of devo meets rocket from the crypt er something...pretty cool.
  • Dub is a Weapon melted my face

    Abr 2 2007, 15h33

    Sat 31 Mar – Dub Is a Weapon

    In addition to a variety of very interesting waffles and an amazing performance by DIAW, it was a great shame to see only 20-30 people show up to this disturbingly underattended show...

    DIAW was the only band on the billing that evening and played two stellar dub sessions (one of which I missed but heard was killer) -- They played dubbed out varieties of most of their compositions (alot from "Armed and Dangerous, the bands newer CD) and I was pleased to see that they did not waver in their attempts to make everyone's evening, despite poor attendance. It was disappointing at first to NOT see Bufford O'Sullivan (former scofflaws) on the bone but their sax player destroyed on the horn parts, ripping out squelching and innovative instrumentations, not to mention as Dave Hahn put it "much prettier than Bufford" -- The percussion section a la Larry McDonald had me in a deep trance and Hahn sparkled the compositions with interesting grooves on his guitar...the Dub chemistry was second to none...i was so glad i went out for this: and only $7?!?!?!?!?!

    Solid grooves all evening and to boot, the band was extremely personable... DUB MASSIVE.

    thanks, ladies and gents!

    and great to get out with the sister, eirephan and my friend Ty..thanks for the waffle snippits!
  • Amazing sets by Vic and Westbound Train

    Mar 13 2007, 17h15

    Thu 8 Mar – Westbound Train, Vic Ruggiero

    Vic Ruggiero:
    the show was excellent. Vic played a 35 minute set of songs from his solo efforts. Normally played on a guitar, Vic opted to use the old piano at the Wescott and proceeded to hammer out his material in a very ragtime style. The crowd sat on the floor during the set, many mezmorized by this special treat performance.

    Vic Ruggiero

    Westbound Train:
    They played a high energy show for Syracuse that evening, playing selections from each of their 3 albums. The mixed age crowd was jumping and dancing the whole set. One special treat in particular was Vic Ruggiero/ Fernandez singing a cover of Sam Cooke's "Cupid" and Vic playing along with Westbound Train much of the evening on that old piano.

    Westbound Train
  • Three Floors of Ska

    Fev 28 2007, 13h39

    was hot!

    nuff said.