The Soundscapers' Voice, Issue #6


Dez 9 2008, 21h39

Hello, fellow Soundscapers and (potential) listeners.

What's new?!
- Unutterable has released a second album called Autopsy. According to the artist, it has more pro-sound and even melodies compared to the self-titled debut album, Unutterable. It's much more darker, deeper and professional sounding.

- Standstill, Dereleech's second album, is out as a free download. It explores audial bleakness, hopelessness and fear in the form of slow, minimalistic and beatless while maintaining rhythmic elements and repetition patterns. The high quality version can be found here. You'll get more information in this journal entry.

- Nezumi has released a new album entitled Songs of the stars, available for free download here on Last M.

- Caustic Reverie has released a fifth album called Themes for Guitar and Voice - Volume 1, a two songs album with elements of drone, noise, symphonic and dark ambient. It is also available at Jamendo. More information in this journal entry.

- Jukeen's debut album is out. Called Solastalgia, it's available for streaming here on Last FM, and in 320 kb/s for download at the artist's website: Also available on CD.

Who's new?
We've got an unusual mix of new members and new projects:

- Press three to delete (Last FM user shamomusic) is a collaboration project between Jeroen Geuens (synths), Tombleweed (guitar) and a third artist who’d like to remain anonymous. Formed in Antwerp, Belgium in november 2008, they bring you a mix of ambient, minimal electronica and ‘massage music’.

- jukhau, who's still working on his project, which is consequently not connected yet. It's a bit unusual, but we're also here to encourage our fellow artists. Feel free to bug him about his progress [insert smiley here].

- Niko Skorpio (Last FM user skorpio) is a Finnish producer, composer and sound-artist. Skorpio’s music takes directions from dark ambient, experimental and industrial genres, combining them into dreamlike sonic landscapes. The resulting sound is described as “Hermetic Fusion Musick”.

- Metaorganism is a side project of Niko Skorpio. It's a rather mysterious project, with no description but a picture.

- Haeretici 7o74 is a duo of Ovro and Niko Skorpio. Joining forces, the artists bring together the more meditative and ritualistic elements of their solo works, blending it to something completely new and allowing the artists to take on roles other than those of their everyday solo selves.

- Betray-Ed (Last FM user Gounouman_hl) is a french one man band playing atmospheric/melancholic/minimalist metal, with a medieval/folk touch. We're sometimes a bit out of pure soundscaping here, but the atmosphere is deep, and related to the next project:

- Bleeding & Betrayed (Last FM users a_bleeding_star and Gounouman_hl) is the dark ambient / atmospheric / experimental project created in 2008 by two very different artists - A Bleeding Star and Betray-Ed. These are deep musical Dreamscapes made for lost & dying souls.

- Venerean (Last FM user Omega_Switch22B) is a solo ambient project that was formed in 2007, with the creation of Venerean’s first soundscape, “Every Night I Am With You.” He released his first demo, Omega, Vol. I: Anthems for Dreaming, in 2008, and is currently working on developing new tracks for a future release.

New Membership policy
Now we're forty members, it would be nice for everyone to have the right to accept or reject new members. The idea is to involve all members a bit more in this process.

Here's the idea:

- New applicants are mentioned in the internal newsletter.

- Members message lectronice to share their advice about each applicant, and tell if they are for or against their membership. We'll consider an applicant "reviewed" after three advices or more, including mine.

- When comes the time for the next newsletter, applicants who've got more pros than cons are approved and mentioned as new members. Draws and applicants who lack three advices are reconduct to the next newletter. Private messages are sent to thoses who don't match our criterias to explain why they haven't been approved.

See you next time!


  • The_Forgotton

    Lots of great stuff this month!

    Dez 17 2008, 13h54
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