top tracks meme


Abr 18 2010, 18h19

2 BUCK-TICKmegami
3 BUCK-TICKBrilliant
4 Issay恋のハレルヤ
5 ApocalypticaHope Vol. 2
6 NightwishEnd of All Hope
7 BUCK-TICKRevolver
8 ApocalypticaDrive
9 BUCK-TICKLong Distance Call
10 VersaillesThe Love from a Dead Orchestra
11 BUCK-TICKtight rope
12 NightwishWhile Your Lips Are Still Red
13 exist†trace「終わりのない世界」
14 BUCK-TICK残骸-Shape2-
15 NightwishThe Kinslayer
16 BUCK-TICKSnow White
17 NightwishRomanticide
18 櫻井敦司新月
19 NightwishEver Dream
20 Sito MagusSabatto
21 In Strict ConfidenceMy Despair (Single Version)
22 In Strict ConfidenceEngelsstaub (New Version)
23 NightwishDark Chest of Wonders
24 KOKIATransparent (TV edit)
25 Blind GuardianThe Soulforged
27 The PerishersPills
28 BUCK-TICKKagerou
30 Maximum the HormoneZetsubou Billy
32 櫻井敦司LOVE (抱きしめたい)
33 Kiyoura NatsumiTabi no Tochuu TV SIZE
34 HIZAKI grace projectRace Wish
35 櫻井敦司Fantasy
36 NightwishMoondance
37 NightwishTwo for Tragedy
38 MIYAVI自分革命
39 Versailles愛と哀しみのノクターン
40 MUCCSaishuu Ressha

1. Which song do you prefer, #1(SEX FOR YOU) or #40 (Saishuu Ressha) ?

2. Have you ever listened to #12 (While Your Lips Are Still Red) continuously on repeat?
yeah~ xD

3. What album is #26 (SACRIFICE) from?

4. What do you think about the track artist who did #15 (The Kinslayer)?
my all tiem favourite band <3

5. Is #19 (Ever Dream) one of your favorite songs?
yeah <3

6. Who does #38 (自分革命) remind you of?
no one :-?

7. Does #20 (Sabatto) have better lyrics or music?
dunno, I don't know the lyrics...

8. Is #33 (Tabi no Tochuu TV SIZE) from a movie soundtrack?
anime OP; Spice and Wolf

9. Is #18 (新月) overplayed on the radio?
dunno lol, i don;t listen to radio at all... still, I'm not even sure if it's played on radio ^^'

10. What does #21 (The Love from a Dead Orchestra) remind you of?
the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.. dunno why

11. What album is #17 (Romanticide) from?

12. When did you first hear #39 (愛と哀しみのノクターン)?
January this year

13. When did you first hear #7 (Revolver)?
about 6 months ago (?)

14. Do any of your friends like #14 (残骸-Shape2-)?
a few

15. What color does #4 (恋のハレルヤ) remind you of?
dark violet

16. Have you ever blasted #11 (tight rope) on your stereo?

17. What genre is #37 (Two for Tragedy)?
a ballad (can that be counted as a genre? xD dunno xD)

18. Can you play #13 (「終わりのない世界」) on any instrument?
nope ><

19. What is your favorite lyric from #30 (Zetsubou Billy)?
We are the "Kira"
My name is "Kira"
Even your "Kira"

20. What is your favorite lyric from #23 (Dark Chest of Wonders)?
Fly to a dream
Far across the sea
All the burdens gone
Open the chest once more
Dark chest of wonders

21. Would you recommend #24 (Transparent (TV edit)) to your friends?

22. Is #2 (megami) a good song to dance to?

23. Do you ever hear #16 (Snow White) on the radio?

24. Is #32 (LOVE (抱きしめたい)) more of a night time or day time song?

25. Does #36 (Moondance) have any special meaning to you?

26. Do any of your friends like #31 (密室)?

27. Is #25 (The Soulforged) a fast or slow song?

28. Is #35 (Fantasy) a happy or sad song?

29. What is one of your favorite lyrics from #9 (Long Distance Call)?
Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Just a little longer, like this
I can hear you, I can hear you, thank you for listening to me
kikoeru kikoeru kai mou sukoshi no kono mama de
kikoeru kikoeru yo arigatou kiitekurete

30. Is #34 (Race Wish) better to listen to alone or with friends?
friends... or both

31. When did you first hear #27 (Pills)?
7 Sep 2009

32. Name 3 other songs by the track artist who did #29 (ASCENDEAD MASTER).
like, fav tracks? After Cloudia; God Palace -Method of Inheritance-; 月下香

33. Do you know all the words to #6 (End of All Hope)?
yup, it's not a complex lyrics or anything...

34. Does #28 (Kagerou) have better lyrics or music?
uhh.. both are great, can't choose

35. What album is #10 (The Love from a Dead Orchestra) from?
Lyrical Sympathy


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