Review of We Be The Echo show, New York ( jan 10-2008)


Fev 7 2008, 17h55

Grand Street News - NYC

"...(We Be The Echo's) set started out thick and heavy. They play very loud, but not just for the sake of it. There is an urgency to go all out and match their intensity as I watched them from the back of the room. Before I knew it I had left my post holding up the back wall of The Cake Shop, and I was right in front of the stage to witness the assault. My ears hurt and I wished I had remembered my plugs, but I couldn’t forfeit my new spot. You might get hurt trying to keep up with these guys. They continued to raise stakes as their set built sonic momentum. By the end of the show, I looked around and made eye contact with other people in the crowd. People were screaming, but the shrieks were lost in the feedback as We Be The Echo politely bowed and walked off stage. I felt like I had just run a marathon and I walked out to get some air. I bumped into Koskelo again and asked where the name of his band came from. Without missing a beat, and with a dead serious face, he told me they were prowling a cemetery and a gravestone instructed the men to form a band and "sonically disembowel" their listeners. I believe him."

-Jonathan Leeder (Grand Street News).


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