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  • steverhiggs

    I love Emily (major crush!) I wish I'd seen her play live whilst touring her Soft Skeleton album

    30 Jul 17h07 Responder
  • JJPozo

    Greetings! How are the things? Last week I was in Benicassim again to see some 90s bands like Blur. It was a nice concert :) :) Here in Spain is very warmer & sunny although this afternoon there was a storm :D How is your summer doing? Are you going to travel? :)

    24 Jul 17h10 Responder
  • basing1970


    30 Jun 12h40 Responder
  • Spinettaforever

    Ohh, the version of the song is awesome. I suggest searching for "Gustavo Cerati - Libros de la buena memoria" it's a great song. I hope you like it

    9 Jun 11h52 Responder
  • edubbwitthevdub

    Thanks for the compliment! Looks like you're doing just that right now, listening to my favorite group, Carbon Based Lifeforms!

    8 Jun 21h37 Responder
  • Spinettaforever

    Have you seen them playing Té para tres live?

    8 Jun 18h44 Responder
  • Spinettaforever

    Tag in under the name of "Pescado Rabioso" ;) Have you found some interesting?

    8 Jun 15h25 Responder
  • Spinettaforever

    I suggest "Artaud" and "Pelusón of milk" it will be a little hard to get used to his chords but once you get it you will definitely like it! ;)

    3 Jun 15h08 Responder
  • Spinettaforever

    Have you heard about Luis Alberto Spinetta?

    31 Mai 23h20 Responder
  • Spinettaforever

    Hey, I see you like Gustavo Cerati! how did you get to know him? that's awesome! :)

    30 Mai 22h18 Responder
  • agentzigzag

    banned from the roxy , happy bloody days , so innocent ...... x

    22 Mai 21h26 Responder
  • steverhiggs

    So glad you had a great time seeing Adam! It was a refreshing change to go to a gig where the singer is such a showman and puts his all into it. I'm certainly going to see him again when he tours Kings, I may go to more than one show! Aren't there two versions of the Beat touring? I think the one without Dave Wakeling is playing in my town sometime soon. I'm going to see Chris Difford from Squeeze next Sunday, he's playing at an upstairs bar where I Iive (the town, not the bar lol) Have a great weekend

    1 Mai 17h49 Responder
  • JJPozo

    That's nice. I really like some songs from Adam & the Ants. Here, in some musical festivals like in Benicassim, they bring some british bands from 80s and 90s! Here, the days are warmer and sunnier :) Yesterday I explored 2 "calas" (beaches) of my town and it seemed very calm & peaceful :) Today I walked with some mates and today it's holiday but I don't have plans for this weekend. We'll see :)

    30 Abr 23h03 Responder
  • steverhiggs

    Hi, how was Adam Ant, good I hope?

    26 Abr 20h44 Responder
  • JJPozo

    Hey! How do you do? Here the weather is becoming more warmer so it's nice to walk close to the sea :) :) This weekend I won't day nothing special but maybe next weekend I'll travel because on 1st May it's holiday, so we'll see if I do a city break :) Maybe Barcelona or Zaragoza :)

    25 Abr 14h26 Responder
  • hataedym_2

    O Thanks. !!

    24 Abr 17h08 Responder
  • steverhiggs

    I'm shortly to buy a new amp and turntable too, I have too much vinyl and it means too much to me to sell it. I love Kings as much as Dirk, I bought Prince Charming out of 'brand loyalty' but hardly listened to it, I was more into the Police and the joys of 2-Tone by then. Enjoy tomorrow night! And do let me know how it went

    23 Abr 17h52 Responder
  • JJPozo

    Thanks! I saw some tiny town which were very charming and where food are well made :) :) This weekend I've had a drink with some mates and tomorrow I have a lunch-birthday from a master classmate :) :) How is your weekend?

    18 Abr 20h27 Responder
  • steverhiggs

    He's apparently going to be doing a Kings album tour later on in the year (he played the title track last night, amazing!) There's a remastered, bells'n'whistles vinyl version out sometime too

    17 Abr 18h05 Responder
  • steverhiggs

    Adam was brilliant last night, was great to hear Dirk in full and the early oldies he played were a joy too. You'll have a blast!

    17 Abr 10h37 Responder
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