Fev 13 2010, 13h11

enjoy what you have today,it may be gone tomorrow.


  • bicknor

    Absolutely right - I entirely agree. :)

    Fev 27 2010, 18h34
  • steamboat58

    This is true, enjoy what gifts you have today because you may not have it tomorrow.

    Abr 26 2010, 16h11
  • viathin12

    definitly and enjoy those that you have around you and let htem know that you appreciate them and care for who knows how long they will be there.

    Abr 29 2010, 4h23
  • ladycaroledowns

    How very true, I have just lost my wonderful Dad,and it hurts soooo much

    Mai 6 2010, 13h06
  • Rebi_F95

    Absolutely right !!! Because if you lose it it´s too late.

    Jun 20 2010, 11h30
  • dencol

    Sleep is over-rated... Fill your cup!

    Out 15 2010, 3h55
  • OmaticayaNavit

    "We often do not know what we have until we lose it" "Wir wissen oft nicht was wir besitzen, bis wir es verloren haben"

    Dez 16 2010, 20h20
  • DJSMusicfactory

    Love is everything to me!!! I enjoy to love every moment of my life.

    Mai 19 2011, 3h50
  • greenvillepa

    Real nice looking page you have there Carol. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Jan 7 2012, 2h36
  • ladycaroledowns

    Thank you Doug, I wish the same to you!!

    Jan 7 2012, 10h40
  • jembf

    Enjoy each minute - as soon as you're in it :-))

    Jan 9 2012, 17h05
  • jembf

    Enjoy each hour - you have the power :-))

    Jan 9 2012, 17h05
  • jembf

    Enjoy each day - what more to say :-))

    Jan 10 2012, 14h43
  • jembf

    Enjoy each week - I do, no more to seek :-))

    Jan 10 2012, 14h45
  • ladycaroledowns

    Thank you Jem :-) Take each day as it comes, as you can't bring back yesterday!

    Jan 10 2012, 14h51
  • jembf

    Thank YOU, Carole:-)) Live each day to the fullest and Enjoy the memories of yesterday :-))

    Jan 10 2012, 15h27
  • lennson1

    Today is only yesterday tomorrow so enjoy all yesterday you get every day and look forward to all tomorrow .. You are a wonderful friend Carole!

    Ago 23 2012, 23h40
  • ladycaroledowns

    Thank you Lenny for your lovely words, so nice to have a wonderful friend like you too!

    Ago 24 2012, 18h49
  • lennson1

    Today it's just too many degrees below zero, hoping it will disappear tomorrow :-)

    Dez 7 2012, 8h50
  • ladycaroledowns

    I don't envy you Lenny, it is cold here, with a biting wind, but not nearly as cold as it must be in sweden!

    Dez 7 2012, 11h12
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