The Songs of Local Boy


Abr 4 2008, 16h55

In my novel Timely Persuasion a famous songwriter named Local Boy churns out hit after hit in the year 1970 in a simple folk rock style.

But the songs aren't really his. A time traveler taught him songs from the future in exchange for his cooperation.

Below is the setlist from Local Boy's first show.

We Can Work It Out
Piece Of Sky
Lounge Act
Nowhere Fast
Captain Jack
O Lonely Soul, It's A Hard Road

Nervous about the implications of stealing music, his initial songs weren't necessarily the biggest hits when they were first written. But that would soon change...

For his second performance, they went for broke. That setlist:

Cat's in the Cradle
I Want a New Drug
Summer of '69
Missing You
Start Choppin'
Your Wildest Dreams
White Wedding
Straight Up
Baby One More Time

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