Abr 21 2008, 10h23


  • harrisonford

    Thanks mate, this was a great contribution, I have found some artist still unknown to me.

    Abr 21 2008, 18h25
  • krogoolec

    Abr 22 2008, 7h48
  • Nattotoza

    I really like Sara Tavares... she is amazing!

    Jul 17 2008, 19h13
  • vuk_brankovic

    14 names, only 4 fado artists... I think you need to listen to fado a little more.

    Ago 16 2008, 11h11
  • krogoolec

    vuk_brankovic, this is female vocalists I like, I signed it FADO to remember what is inside. I don't want to make more than 100 different entries. BTW i dont like to categorize music, but listen to music... But thanks for criticize.

    Ago 19 2008, 15h52
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