where's my mind? :|


Mar 25 2009, 17h30

1. Evans Blue
First Heard: Eclipsed
Fell In Love With: Eclipsed
All-Time Favorite: Quote
Current Favorite: Sick Of It

2. Placebo
First Heard: Where's My Mind
Fell In Love With: Song to Say Goodbye
All-Time Favorite: Special Needs, Song to Say Goodbye
Current Favorite: Narcoleptic

3. The Rasmus
First Heard:In The Shadows
Fell In Love With:Guilty
All-Time Favorite: Open My Eyes
Current Favorite: Lost and Lonely

First Heard: Purity
Fell In Love With: Before I Forget
All-Time Favorite: Vermilion, Pt. 2
Current Favorite: Everything Ends

First Heard: Astronaut: Lonely Day
Fell In Love With: She's Like Heroin
All-Time Favorite: Kill Rock 'n' Roll
Current Favorite: She's Like Heroin

6. The Killers
First Heard: When You Were Young
Fell In Love With: My List
All-Time Favorite: Romeo and Juliet
Current Favorite: Forget About What I Said

7. Apoptygma Berzerk
First Heard: Cambodia
Fell In Love With: In This Together
All-Time Favorite: Love To Blame
Current Favorite: Trash

8. Billy Talent
First Heard: Fallen Leaves
Fell In Love With: Nothing to Lose
All-Time Favorite: Nothing to Lose
Current Favorite: The Ex

9. Seether
First Heard: Remedy
Fell In Love With: Love Her
All-Time Favorite: Driven Under
Current Favorite: Careless Whisper

10. Jimmy Eat World
First Heard: If You Don't. Don't
Fell In Love With: Work
All-Time Favorite: 23
Current Favorite: Open Bar Reception


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    zal cie

    Jul 24 2009, 23h49
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