The 5 most effective blows of 2009


Jan 1 2010, 19h07

5) Cloudkicker - The Map Is Not On The Territory

Cloudkicker actually put out 2 EPs during 2009, an this one is just a little bit better. Complex and layered but still groovy math metal. Or post-metal. Or progressive metal. Or cubist groove. Whatever.

4) Devin Townsend Project - Addicted

I haven't heard this so much yet but from what I've heard, it's Hevydevy in his most prominent territory. It's groovy and heavy as hell, a soundwall too thick to get through.

3) Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland

Shpongle keeps getting better and better from Tales of the Inexpressible. I'm not counting Are You Shpongled? in because no-one can ever reach the same levels of...awesome-ity. Anyways, a must-listen for any psychedelic hippie dood, especially Shpongolese Spoken Here. It's like a crazy shroom-rollercoaster.

2) Porcupine Tree - The Incident

For two times already, when a new Porcupine album came out, I thought it to be regular singer-songwriter pop album. Both times I still gave a listen to them, starting with the first track, and loved them instantly. With The Incident, the first seconds (Called Occam's Razor) really explode on your face tearing out the flesh and then settles down for some mellow awesomeness. Not maybe the most innovative Porcupine release, but definitely a great record.

1) Animals as Leaders - Animals As Leaders

Oh yes. The best album ever made, might I say. AAL's debut is a instrumental progressive metal album with everything thrown in. And by everything, I mean EVERY POSSIBLE MUSICAL ELEMENT THERE IS. There's something for everyone, and there was definitely something for me. I can't find a weakness of the record. Any change would ruin it. Listen to, for example, Tempting Time. You won't be disapponted. Believe me.


  • EnemyOfTheState

    I was sorely disappointed by AAL. Too wanky. I like my music to have good flow, not be pretentious and be relatively simple and memorable. For god's sake, Tosin Abasi just can't shut up on the album in the sense that he keeps feeling the need to show us just how technically proficient he is. We get it. You're black and you're amazing with an 8-string. How about you write a good song now?

    Jan 3 2010, 7h11
  • RushKing

    I disagree, Tosin is a very good songwriter. His music is very original. If you can't appreciate technical/complex music; jazz and progressive metal are not for you.

    Fev 8 2010, 3h25
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