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"Rise from the dead you say,
Secrets don't sleep 'till they're took to the grave"

"You only live one life.
For a very short time.
So make every second divine."

"If you follow me
you will only get lost.
If you try to get closer
We'll only lose touch
But you already know too much
And you're not going anywhere" Bring me the horizon - Don't go

"Life, it seems, will fade away
Drifting further every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters, no one else" Metallica - Fade to black

'And I know
I may end up failing too
But I know
You were just like me
With someone disappointed in you' Linkin Park - Numb

"And death climbs up the steps one by one
To give you the rose that's been burnt by her son" Misfits - Dig up her bones

"Even if you have, even if you need
I don't mean to stare, we don't have to breed
We can plant a house, we can build a tree
I don't even care, we could have all three" Nirvana - Breed

"There are time when I feel I'm afraid for the world
There are times I'm ashamed of us all
When you're floating on all the emotion you feel
And reflecting the good and the bad " Iron Maiden - Blood brothers

"So if you love me let me go
And run away before I know
My heart is just too dark to care
I can't destroy what isn't there" Slipknot - Snuff

"No fun, my babe no fun
No fun to be alone
Walking by my self
No fun to be alone
In love with nobody else
Well, maybe go out, maybe stay home
Maybe call Mom on the telephone" Sex Pistols - No fun

"Jak ja nienawidzę Twojej generacji
Zwykła nienawiść dymi wam z dyni
Młodzi policjanci, młodzi kibice
Kretyni kontra kretyni" Pidżama Porno - Twoja Generacja

"I've been looking at the sky
'Cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse 'cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat's eyes
Abusin' every one of them and running wild" AC/DC - Back in black

"Jeden świt, żeby wznieść się ponad mrok...
Śpij aniele mój, może sen uchroni Cię przed moim złem" Hunter - Pomiędzy niebem a piekłem

"Everything I loved, became everything I lost."
Bring Me The Horizon - It never ends

"I can't recall the last time someone asking how I was. Last I checked I was a fucking wreck, I called for help and no one showed up." You me at six - Bite My Tongue

"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same" Jonathan Davis ~ KoЯn

"Never I asked of you,
but never I gave.
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave,
So let this heart be still..." Metallica - Mama said

"If you are dead or still alive
I don’t care
I don’t care
And all the things you left behind
I don’t care
I don’t care" Three Days Grace - I don't care

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