Hive Sin Live!!! {all my gigs! / tutti i miei concerti}


Jul 6 2007, 2h04


  • mitrado

    Uga buga tum ti ba ti bum! One more useless journal with absolutely nothing interesting to read! Why did you feel the need to post such a stupid journal!? What are you expecting to get as a reply for all this nothing? You're crowding with these stupid games! Please, stop being childish, people! Pretty please!?

    Jul 6 2007, 22h07
  • kob4yashi

    hey, take it easy!!! i've only put in this article all the bands that i've seen live. this is a free space if u don't like it, it's your problem; don't be repressive!!! peace

    Jul 9 2007, 20h18
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