terrible attempt at a review- the hold steady


Abr 6 2010, 1h50

Sat 3 Apr – The Hold Steady, The Oranges Band

set list:
1. Rock Problems
2. Magazines
3. You Can Make Him Like You
4. Hot Soft Light
5. Constructive Summer
6. Navy Sheets
7. Chips Ahoy
8 Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
9. The Swish
10. Party Pit
11. Massive Nights
12. Banging Camp
13. Soft In The Center
14. Sequestered In Memphis
15. Hurricane J
16. we get together

fucking fantastic show. i really wish they would've gone on longer, even though they played for 90min, the show ended around 10:30. biggest disappointment of the night was not getting a picture with the mustache man that was all up in my grill.

yes, i know, A+ review.


  • Tecfan

    you brought a grill to a concert? that's awesome man!

    Abr 8 2010, 21h51
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