Some "Multi Tag Search" Stats


Out 23 2008, 8h30

The "Multi Tag Search" has been on Playground since day one, but still lots of people seem to be using it. We keep receiving new queries every day, adding up to not much less than 20 thousand unique queries so far. Here are a few clever examples:

* beautiful guitar instrumental
* acoustic atmospheric melancholic
* hilarious cover
* "one hit wonder" 90s
* american "guilty pleasure"

A quick and dirty classification of the 250 most frequently occurring tags revealed that:

* 51% are genres (e.g. , )
* 26% are styles (e.g. )
* 7% are locales (e.g. , )
* 5% are instruments (e.g. , )
* 4% are moods (e.g. , )
* 3% are times (e.g. , )
* 2% are opinions (e.g. , )

The remaining 2% are tags like and . Together with the many e-mails and forum posts, this led to a way bigger pile of feedback than what we were hoping for. You guys really did an amazing job! We learned a lot from it, and we are definitely planning to take this knowledge into account.

If you're interested in this stuff, you might want to have a look at this
poster by the way. We used it as wall decoration during our demo about the "Multi Tag Search" at ISMIR, a conference where researchers who work with music-related data meet. Elias also teamed up with Paul from Sun Labs to give an awesome tutorial about social tags at this conference, and he participated in the interesting panel on "Commercial Music Discovery and Recommendation" as well.
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  • rosevictor

    Well okay

    Nov 2 2008, 21h08
  • __Lis__

    Guys, romantic is not a mood tag. It is a subgenre of classical music.

    Mar 1 2009, 15h09
  • zazi0815

    __Lis__ that's just a exampled classification. Generally, romantic can be both. There are the difficulties: to find a good "ground truth" categorisation and to handle values that fit into multiple categories. And furthermore, to ship an unstructured social tagging system into an structured and hopefully semantically associated system.

    Abr 23 2009, 22h08
  • salacio

    what happened to this :(

    Abr 12 2010, 9h06
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