• Hows it going?

    Out 28 2008, 21h29

    What's up I finally started using this again. Its been a while but wow they made it a hell of a lot better! I'm trying to get everyone I know to give this another shot. So yeah for the people I don't know how's it going? Thanks for the add. For the people who havnt used this in a long time get the hell back on! =P

    This thing is my savior at work!

    I plan on using this along with my roomate and writing some cd reviews since I kind of want to try something new. Should be fun! Stay tuned.

    PS I'm bored out of my mind!
  • Back

    Fev 19 2008, 19h09

    I am back and trying to get everything going. Hopefully I can convert some of my friends to join this site again. Its pretty sweet!
  • New stuff

    Jul 21 2006, 12h44

    I actually got like 2 gigs of music of my dads friends collection and I think im going to start listening to this for a little while. Its got some good songs one it.
  • Getting the hang of it

    Jul 4 2006, 16h53

    I am just now getting the hang of this site so give me a little to get it up.