Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk?


Set 9 2006, 21h40

Hmmm, so when I was finding these Elliott Smith songs online, I came across this one song titled Cigarettes and noticed it sounded nothing like Elliott. I tried lookin it up and couldn't find it at all, so I tried looking up the lyrics and found out it was actually a song called Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright. but at the end , which is prolly why who ever tagged it tagged it Elliott, is a little preview of A Living Will recorded during his Figure 8 album. hmmm I think that's a little strange. So yeah it's been scrobbling as a really bad tag. heh. And has anyone heard of this A Living Will song because I haven't... hmmm
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  • iamthewalrus09

    Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk is definetely a Rufus Wainwright song. Elliott Smith may have covered it though A Living Will was released on the single Son of Sam

    Mai 17 2007, 4h31
  • g0alpost1

    i was trying to find it, i and i cant find the elliott smith little jam at the end anyplace. but thanks for posting the correction...

    Fev 23 2008, 20h18
  • clementine0712

    I came across eliott smith's version first from my friends ipod and then tried to look for it later and found out it was first by rufus. I have to admit tho I like elliotts version a bit better maybe bc i heard it first but it's an awesome song overall.

    Mai 4 2008, 9h27
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