• Thursday Merlefest

    Abr 30 2012, 1h35

    Thu 26 Apr – MerleFest

    I will admit with all the live music I seemed to squeeze in this weekend Merlefest was a wonderful start to it on Thursday, getting me in the groove of things. There were quite a few bands I heard and love, some of which I still don't know the names of I'll have to track down the time schedule and look them up!

    However it was a great time, good weather, good friends, and good music. We did however break it down in the dance tent with Blind Boy Chocolate and the Milk Sheiks they were killing it, everyone dancing and having a good time. Now I need to take about this band it was a 5 piece from what I saw, I'm kind of short and there were many a tall people in front of me so I could be wrong about that number. But boy were they good, I was quite in love with the use of the saw and washboard they just put the perfect touch on every song, oh and the train whistle you cannot go wrong there.

    After only being able to schedule in Thursday night I decided I'll have to try and make it out with a four day pass to next years Merlefest. I was sad that I missed Deep Dark Woods Scythian and allison krauss, but there was no way we were making it back from Portsmouth, VA after seeing The Avett Brothers in time to see them on the little amount of sleep we were all running on.
  • The Rain Won't Put Out This Fire

    Abr 30 2012, 1h28

    Sat 28 Apr – The Avett BrothersBisonThe David Mayfield Parade

    Days leading to the show the forecast looked amazing, very low chances of rain and lots of sunshine. Even the morning of the weather looked decent long enough to run out and get all your waiting in line needs but that quickly took a turn for the more wet side of standing in line. The line was oddly bare until around 4pm doors opened only 3 hours later and with general admission I was expecting more waiting Avett going lovers. Nonetheless the people in line were amazing, the group I was with tried raising moral with singing and guitar playing but I think the nasty weather was fighting with us on that one. Anyways the line was friendly, and really didn't start getting long until really close to door opening time which seemed crazy to me with it being a general admission event.

    Once in place, front row Seth side for me and my friends :D
    The openers Bison jumped on the main stage really quick, not the usual wait awhile for people to file in they got right to the good music. I guess Bison is a band I knew their songs but had no clue of their name. Talented and beautifully amazing band. If you haven't heard of them you should check them out they are from Chesapeake, VA Dark Am I was my favorite of theirs which is saying a lot because they are all so breathtaking. Not to mention their band is quite large a 7 piece or more I believe. All the instruments played a crucial role but I love big bands especially ones with lots of stringed instruments! I got a good video of them. There was a group of kids next to me in the front the lead vocalist/guitar player bent over the stage and gave the little boy to my left who was maybe 10 years old his pick, the little boy just loved it.

    Then that darling David Mayfield. He began his set with Breath of Love feature the ever amazing Seth Avett I got that on video and I will post soon! David is so amazingly talented his craft for playing the guitar and each strum of a string is like Claude Monet and how each brush stroke made his paintings. It was perfect, his personality as always was spot on. Being flirty with the audience, which was cute when he took his shirt off the kids beside me covered their eyes. Too much precious! He brought out his lady for a song or two and she even sang a song by herself, man let me tell you she has some pipes on her and cute as a button. David rounded off his set by playing around and singing his heart out. So far out of all the Avett shows I've been too and this is the 7th this was definitely hands down the best two openers I've ever seen.

    It didn't take long for the boys to come out, you could tell Scott had something fiesty going on with his little firecracker attitude. He was all fired up (also the clean shaved and chin length hair is my all time favorite Scott look there is just something about it that gets me) he was making sure things were starting the best way possible all pumped up and ready to dance, Will You Return began a 24-25 song set which includes the 5 song encore. There was maybe 3 slow songs the entire set, the band was on fire this was the most upbeat set I've seen ever. So much fire, so much love they put into every little thing they did. I have a feeling if there were more things on the stage for Scott to have climbed on, he would have done it. Without a doubt, I'm sure pictures of him running across stage and jumping off and on things with surface soon enough if they haven't already. They played a few songs I haven't heard live yet like Love Like The Movies, and Tinman which I also got videos of! You could just feel their energy, at the beginning the fog rolling in off of the water from the port kind of added a cool ice/fire affect from the lightening to the mood and temperature of the show it was all too perfect. No need for a smoke machine with the fog that was rolling in last night. I don't believe the show sold out, and I took short to see how full the venue was will have to take word from much taller a friends of mine said that the venue was almost packed! Which was amazing contract compared to the line we had only hours before the show. This will forever go down in history of my favorite Avett set to date! However being optimistic and goal driven I will try and beat it.

    We also waited for the boys after the show I took some paintings I did of Seth to show him and get him to sign them but they didn't come out, they were headed home for some rest and relaxation only having a week long break, but I mean who would blame them. They give their fans so much, pouring their hearts out every single time, and every single word.
  • An Eventful Evening to Remember

    Mar 5 2012, 10h11

    Sun 4 Mar – Langhorne Slim and The Law

    So I went to the venue early so I could talk to Slim before the show, I ended up being the first non-working or band person there, and Jeremy showed up shortly after we both got into the show for free. Showing up early has it’s perks.

    Well the opening band was good. However their set was interrupted a few times the poor singer got sick ran off stage in time, but came back thinking his stomach had settled but it had not in fact he ended up projectile vomiting on stage twice, there was no making it to the bathroom or getting help. It wasn’t drunk sick, it was I ate and it did not agree with me sick you could tell he wasn’t feeling well at all but boy did he solider through the rest of his set. Someone got him some ginger-ale and he got through everything it was just way too early in his set to give up and you could tell he wasn’t having that. I tried so hard to stay up there and watch on but it just smelled and I couldn’t handle it. I wanted to be supportive, so that in mind I’m also keeping the band name out of this post because I don’t want the light of a bad situation being the only reason they get some attention.

    Also during their set a man unconsciously all of a sudden fell flat on his back and hit his head on the cement floor, Jeremy tried helping the people stabilize him but the guy on staff saw it best to mess with the mans head and let him stand up right after he fell and hit his head. Want to guess what happened next? He fell again, and had a seizure so 911 was called and he was taken care of. This was all happening during the opener, kind of crazy.

    Also Pete was there, but no other Avett entourage.

    I talked to Jeff the bassist a bit before their set, and waved at the banjo played whom for the life of me I cannot remember his name, he’s awesome and very captivating when he plays his banjo, it’s hard to look away. The set was short and sweet, to the point with a few surprises. We got Mary, Lord, Past Lives, and Song For Sid which stuck with me. He often stopped to soulful ramble in the middle of songs and pointed out someone yawning and told them to stopped them proceeded to yawn a few times while we yelled say yes. Sean of course was cute throwing around hip swivels around from the very beginning, he was in a super playful mood running into the crowd and climbing on the speakers, getting us to sing. I was hoping for the song For A Little While, I didn’t get it but I’ll keep trying you best believe. Jenn and Erica were also at this show with us we all kind of stuck together, Jeremy enjoyed him though he stood further back than us do to his nice giant act, something the giants in the front didn’t think of doing.

    So afterwards we all got together and found one another after taking a breather. And waited to talk to Slim and the boys, Erica and Jenn got excited and somethings signed but were distracted because they wanted him to see my painting, he also ended up seeing the Seth one’s as well. He was taken a back which was surprising to me, I was there to fall in joy over him being as amazing as he is and he was more into telling me how amazing I was and that he was honored someone would paint him and he kept going on and about how he loved it. So I asked him to sign it, ask him to right be set free on it and he wrote a little note, a smiley face and some hearts on it while signing it. Personally I’m glad he covered someone the background with his adornment of adorable handwriting. He was just as baffled and blushing as I was and he requested we take lots of pictures even knowing two separate people were taking pictures he kept wanting to take more and he hugged me closer and closer wrapping his arms around me completely!!!! He is such a warm and loving person, I told him about Shawna and he told me to let her know he’s going to try and come her way and to tell her hi for him. Again he kept bringing up the painting he actually showed everyone standing around him it was precious. Because of this I just let him sign it and forgot the rest of the things I had too much excitement was going on and I had Jeff sign the poster Shawna sent me in the mail.

    After that we took group pictures of Jeremy, Erica, Jenn, and I and then one with the banjo player because he kind of jumped in and we kind of dragged him in because he is awesome. And we got things together and left.
  • An Avett Brothers New Year

    Jan 3 2012, 0h53

    The Avett Brothers [event]The Avett Brothers Greenville, SC New Years Eve[/event]

    This was my second New Years Eve Avett Brothers show and I hope to continue that tradition for as long as they play their shows. The venue was nice, the sound was actually the best out of any Avett event I've been too and I've been to quite a few now. The crowd for the most part was exactly what you'd expect of an Avett crowd friendly, and family like.

    The opening act Danielle Howle was talented in my book I know she wasn't received well by most of the people I attended the concert with, and the crowd judging my the reactions however I think she killed it. Off the wall personality of not she was absolutely into her set and what she was doing and you could tell she loved it.

    When the boys came out and debuted the new backdrop (the design from Scott's banjo head with roses on it) it was amazing, the dropping of the teardrop banner when they started playing Kick Drum Heart was a great way to kick off their ridiculously amazing set list. The stamina those boys have to have to power through 30 freaking songs. On several songs their sister Bonnie Avett Rini joined them adding a little touch of a whole lot of a lovely to Single Girl, Married Girl.

    The show was amazing I'm not sure I've ever screamed, sang, or danced so hard in my life. I know my show partner stomped so hard she had holes in her new socks. I would highly recommend anyone listen to and see The Avett Brothers live before they make their decision about them hearing them on the album is wonderful but there is nothing like feeling the love and passion they put into their music pouring off of that stage and right into your heart.
  • Oh boy Slim.

    Set 25 2011, 20h26

    Fri 23 Sep – Langhorne Slim

    Slim is such a babe, hands down put on one of the greatest shows I’ve seen ever. Plus being right in front of the mic was priceless he’s someone I’d go see any chance I got. I have him and some of the openers loaded on my phone and my camera so that will be fun to get into.

    Ok there was three opening acts one was a bit out of place among the bands The Old One Two (I wasn’t particularly fond of them, the singer sat in a chair on stage most of the time which was quite the opposite of what I’m used to seeing from bands), The Caitlin Watkins Band very talented band the use of the violin moved them over the top for me I bought their cd only 3 bucks another local band they even had hand painted shirts to sell it was cute, Matrimony another local band on this leg of the tour with Slim they were definitely worth seeing again soon I wasn’t expecting that powerful of a voice to come out of than man but oh did it I also bought their cd.

    Then Langhorne, oh Sean you are a charmer I was warned of you and it was not even anything I had expected. Suited up in a tweed dress jacket, grey tank, brown cords with your star scarf “cute as a bugs ear” (I borrowed that from Shawna) I hurriedly got into filming and the concerts call just so I wouldn’t forget them, hoping up and down and dancing my butt off from the very beginning. Langhorne has the best, YES I said the best stage presence, he posed for me and even showed me his boots when he noticed I was taking a picture of them. (I knew some of you would appreciate them whole heartedly.) His charm was on strong tonight, boy was he making everyone swoon, the set was forever long I think near three hours, they played at least 7 encore songs including Cindarella, and Hello Sunshine which were of my favorites, 3 new songs from the up coming record they are going on a break from tour to finish up, I have a few new favorite songs which include Blown Your Mind, and I Love You, But Goodbye, unfortunately I didn’t get to stay and talk to him the bar was practically closing they do that around here around 2 am. He sat on the speaker right by me for a little, then laid back down on the stage before he walked around in the crowd a little bit, though the drunk girls playing grab ass was a tad beyond the line it was amazing.

    My feet hurt, my whole body is sore from dancing and screaming and clapping.

    I have to find a way to put these pictures and videos on the internet. I really did want his scarf it was vintage looking but had stars all over obviously I was wanting it because it’s his and for my name sake. It’s 5 am I should go to sleep soon.

    I also treated Raina, Lacy, and Shawn with concert calls. <3
    The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been had my pieces fallen into the write place and I had gotten to meet him and talk to him for a bit and got a picture. But there will always be next time.Langhorne SlimMatrimony