July 24, 2009


Jul 26 2009, 20h18

I was meditating upon God today in my shower. And I realized something, lately all of my speech has become more and more edifying than anything else and lately I have become more and more cheerful in the Lord at all times as Christ has commanded us to do through the apostolic teachings. And the thing is, I was not trying to do either one of theses things. When I tried in my own way to serve the Lord, I tried to be "mature". Instead of being lively in the love of Christ I was grim and cold and tried to judge everything the way I saw best & instead of being filled with edifying speech, I held my tongue because I thought I ought to be mature by not speaking at all in certain situations, when all along God had something for me to say on His behalf. Tonight I realized, that I have been doing the same exact opposite, and at first I thought that maybe I was in the wrong because what I was doing was not very "mature" by my standards. But God pointed to me that nowhere in scripture does it say that we are not to be cheerful because of what we have in the Lord or that we should not try and love one another by sharing our fruit with one another in speech. And God was saying to me "You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all of your heart". These past days I have been doing nothing but devoting myself to God, in loving Him by worshiping Him non-stop whether it be reading the bible and praying to my Father almost always, with other siblings in Christ or just by myself or it be that I'm outside using my spiritual gits to praise Him and give glory to His holy name that is worthy of all praises. And I stopped worrying about everything but instead I took care of all responsibilities in diligence and trusted in our Father to bless me with His providence. And I've been careful to make sure that I have been in constant fellowship with the Lord and always praying to the Lord and making sure that all of my fruit is pleasing to the Lord and devoting my time on worshiping Him all day long. And as I did nothing but try to focus on Him, the Holy Spirit has started to truly conform me more and more to His absolute likeness and to the teachings of the apostles that we try so hard to follow. And by His grace He continues to make me holy. All in all, what we need to be doing is giving ourselves over to the Lord. I heard that back in old testament days, when the Israelites were devoting themselves in worship of that almighty and sovereign Ancient of Days,that they would get so lost in worship and be so filled with fear and trembling of from the Holy Spirit, that would dare not utter the name of the Almighty. This is how I want to be. I pray for you the same thing my beloved brothers and sisters of God, the Almighty. In grace and peace, Kishane.
p.s. We won't start truly knowing and understanding and really being happy in God our Father's name, until we search for Him with all of our hearts :) Be blessed my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.


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