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  • GothicBowie666

    " Your musical compatibility with kimandriessen is Super Music you have in common includes Maybeshewill, Jakob, 65daysofstatic, The Cure and Intergalactic Lovers. " waarom verwonderd me dit niet? :) groeten uit België ;)

    13 Out 2014 Responder
  • GothicBowie666

    inderdaad Kim, u kan, als je dat wenst, de review van boxer Rebelion ook linken aan de groep, ik voeg normaal alle reviews van snoozecontrol er aan toe, maar deze die jij hebt gedaan kan ik niet :) moest het niet lukken vraag gerust om raad, veel groeten :)

    19 Set 2013 Responder
  • GothicBowie666 nice meeting you here :) misschien kan je je review van Boxer Rebelion ook aan de groep toevoegen, vele groeten. Erik (

    18 Set 2013 Responder
  • Bodements our Full Ep availiable on soundcloud. If you need it in flac/mp3 message me :)

    16 Dez 2011 Responder
  • Bodements

    News: Our first 4 Song Ep will be available in 2 or 3 weeks :). I will keep you informed if you are still interested!

    24 Set 2011 Responder
  • Bodements

    Hey hey! Greetings from Boulevard Nights! ;)

    4 Jun 2011 Responder
  • tmangia

    What's the name of that '84 Cure show where Robert cries at Charlotte Sometimes? I'd like to hear that!

    14 Mai 2011 Responder
  • maveenma

    Geen Jeniferever dit keer. Andere verplichtingen.

    23 Mar 2011 Responder
  • evuks2004

    (lies : y(799 * manderijnen))* x - (earphones - (b-boys)) + (H20 :ash) =?

    18 Fev 2011 Responder
  • maveenma

    Het was sneller dan in Paradiso. Het tempo zat er meer in, een zeer sterk optreden. Helaas speelden ze maar een uur omdat het blijkbaar om 23 uur afgelopen moest zijn. Het voorprogramma was te slecht voor woorden.

    16 Jan 2011 Responder
  • maveenma

    Nee, helaas. Ik had m'n camera toen nog niet, maar aangezien het podium zo klein was dat er 2 man op de vloer moesten spelen en de rest op het podium was het eigenlijk ook niet om aan te zien. Aan de andere kant ook wel weer jammer dat dat niet is vastgelegd.

    5 Jan 2011 Responder
  • evuks2004

    yes it could be that somber mind attracts somber songs, but then its not the opposites that attracts in this case m?.i think somber songs is a temporary solace, but I dont think that it could give a solution..ha unless you crush mold or reverse. I appreciate the idea of ’Choose a bright spring..’;aha song could help to crystalize the line on the horizon; hm its so soothing and encouraging to keep in mind that there in the haze is a line that could be in the form of anything or everyone..even if Bono disagrees:)its the mind that must be tricked,thats the limit that keeps from moving creates the daamn haze!(sory haze youre still beautiful:) checked Jenifers charts to see what else could I be missing out, hello!! ‘openings to stories’:)so found cover of Bowie,its similar to original, but with Jenifers touch:(sent you a link!)One step up..aha both versions are great, thers beauty in opposites,the raw and soft:)and like Grinch Im stealing one xmas song from your library ghrr.:P

    16 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    well your explanation transformed it into eerie beautiful:)interesting how we try to find and give the meaning even if it wasn’t put there in first place, ha like the jar of jam could be compressed memories and regrets, he knows the taste never be the same as the fresh,its even bitter, oh but it is so delicious to just linger on and streams pass:)ahh ‘to find a line in himself’ it’s the most hardest thing.I don’t know if thers a map for that, but I think it could be the most you cannot always count on’ lighthouse or landmark to guide you through’ or yes clear line of horizon:)but I bet when he'll find a line in himself ;could be a robot or somth Go Japan!!:))trial error theory,it could work for swimmers.m somewhere downstream..would upstream be crazy?:)ive found ‘new’ song ‘ashes to ashes’ maybe you’ve heard?hm I thought 'lector' is the one reading at university?Story messed up now.authors, lectors,pipes,jars..uh and here comes polar bear! :)

    13 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    haa id be surprised if there wouldn’t be any blood in Lies new record; aha it will be yummy video.. jamman scene, as hes walking through white haze in the coldest winter across the sea,there’s no horizon seen so its almost as if hes floating through clouds only the red trace behind him and when camera turns around going backwards to see where it all began,turns out its the same person,barefeet going opposite direction. eerie enough for lies?:)ah yes those songs are like Gallen requires dont give in for memories,they will keep you from moving forward;write new ones,as ‘now you know a bit better than to watch as streams and rivers pass’.i guess everyone have their own shore, but the river is one,and its endless movement,must conquer the fright of swimming.uh thats my interpretation tell me yours:)well author spoiled our treat! yam&snow would be like junglepop,but blood ugh...,hm dont know the ways of (lector?:));it looks like hes been cut deep by broken concrete glass of jar?

    10 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    watched the rest of lies..cautious,only snippets,didnt want anything to sink in,ugh but still got a glimpse of some faceless family and episode where person in black coat with hood, probably death itself takes a life from an elderly, but if you aren’t scared of this then I’m giving you full clearance:)haa no you are a conspirator for your ‘choose a bright spring tide’ release idea, I was innocently playing with the given words,that way creating something that I could relate to, something that I could touch:P Dont you?..but ok your given name of single could take the title for the most enigmatic one in post-rock ever, I mean ‘the sound of concrete ox-eyes?’ that would be interesting to hear:))aha last track on the album will be your reverse ‘through concrete glass in St Gallen opposites attract’..oh I see a lawsuit:)not sure what you meant by big in japan?..will fallow the red drool, whoo its not blood its..jam,I can see from afar stooping frame walking barefeet ahead,jar in his hands:)

    6 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    ah whitelies sorry,hope you have better deleting system set on your mind, ill let the snow cover this one :)havent watched previous videos of lies;is it safe to watch?:)as for dungeons,oh oh so eeerie:P you just missed the holidays where inmates treated with chocolate and chocko this eerie too.could be 0.2 version of Lies video.:)beating wings.. yes the ones with scars..probably by accepting and learning from them can reborn even in brighter morning, but what about the ones who are always leaving in the sound of the beating wings,never marked untouched because were frightened of getting left with the concrete ice, wondering about words never said, history never written.uh the words that now could be said far too late. Hm I reverse lyrics from different its scared both ways. uh bear is so arrogant, yes hes master of skates now, refusing go to Uppsala is going to Germany to Alphaville!! it seems that the only fire is in the sky but it feels so distant.

    5 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    uh yes the speed of light,I mean from ship wreckage to robotics and serious lawsuits:)hers another topic i missed - White lies new song;its great indeed but too bad that I watched it with the video and now its hard to erase the chocolate bar with the human filling, reminds me of accident in one chocolate factory where one of its workers drown in container of fluid choco(I promised no eerie but.. :P)I so wanna call it kitchh..m?:)’bright morning..’ cover.. yes thers resemblance in Kush. But its not that bright after all..the somber sky and the ice like a huge burden, ache, never away the content of music within,m? but still its an innocent picture; want to live in it,like a kid fool around in rain, trying to catch rainbows ha.well well your explanation of predestine words in ox-eye is even more mysterious than the already given:)agh yes its so cold,even bear in the skates of gold has frozen in the last pirouette..uh there might be fire somewhere..there must.

    4 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    oh the troubled waters of loneliness and despair, was a reference to Rothko.I confronted spring tides uplifting melody contrasting with sad message and Rothkos bright colours and his somber state of mind when he made the brightest works.but I agree no sketchy drawn colour combinations will explain the deeper waters. So ha nothing troubling in the pure waters of Kush, just joy and imagination,in each work a story is written about the kingdoms and places imagined faraway from across the sea indeed:) also sirens ‘faint..’ could go with it, its as fragile as Kushs illusions:)ohh yes the upbuilding sound of anger in ox-eye could shake the walls of the Willinks city and smashed the whole in the crescendo, but what are those mysterious words that could have saved them both and change the history? I wish we could skate back in time to catch up with that setlist,ahhh even our desired encores were there.okey we dont have a time machine but i'll check in what type of skates the bear is in:)

    1 Dez 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    whoof okey status updated: case closed!:) aha imagining St Gallen in Willinks (internet!:)) cities, I may even have noticed the bare naked spirits wandering around trapped and confused in front of upcoming destruction. And if those walls are tore down I hope the spirits are haa re-released in to Vladimir Kush thoughtout fantasy surrealism paintings:) tangability of despair and loneliness, aren’t these the trouble waters that are crossed alone?:)can anyone see it?it maybe hidden behind bright colours. ive read that the darkest somber works of Rothko were made when he was actually enjoying life and the lighter when depressed;at least one interesting fact about the whole collection. hm don’t know if I gave the right answer, you may have to add more to your statement. ahh yes Sirens :)) uh you must have 2 pair of ears to concentrate on both your inter and sound :) bear is still here skating enthusiasticly, forgetting about his winter slumber, will send him a few snowballs as a reminder:)

    30 Nov 2010 Responder
  • evuks2004

    wow what a counterforce!:)ok tricky post-modernism..there are no defined rules it takes in everything and is aloud to spill out the same,by pushing apart the previous values. So meaning of the word kitsch could also be contorted even left behind:P m how do you think what in renaissance would think about Paul Klees childlike drawn and coloured picture of horse;little they knew that now it is called art too:)Lui is blushing because yes he cant give the spectrum of colour as I have mixed opinion,yes simple in method;magic is in the mood they evoke,m I felt like his works are feeding from emotions of viewer from joy,hope desire to despair and loneliness,but without the stories and the feel within,his paintings are lacking identity.I prefer more intricate work.Can you see ‘st Gallen’ in one of them?:)I was approached unwillingly by one latvian magdaleno she called my scarf cursed and said it would be wiser to give away it to her..yeah so much for the future fortune telling ha:)

    28 Nov 2010 Responder
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