Tastes like nostalgia


Ago 25 2008, 15h32

I definitely can't argue with EVE 6 lead singer Max Collins's pronouncement of the evening at their Friday night show at The State Theater—they came to "rock rock rock rock rock rock rock." It's been years since I listened to their 2000 pop-punk gem Horrorscope but as soon as they launched into Rescue Me I sang along with every word.

It's funny to see a once-gigantic act like Eve 6 (minus their original guitarist) in a venue like The State Theater. It's even funnier to see the crowd—for once I didn't feel part of "the older crowd." Everyone was my age or older, probably because we were all reliving those late high school days when the band was big.

On the band's part, they still had all the big arena California-swagger of a successful rock band, mixed with the humble (and genuine) excitement of being able to play for fans after a long time away. Max was happy to banter with the crowd. He was quirky, funny, and it didn't hurt that he sounded just as good delivering the twisted wordplay of his songs now as he did years ago. New guitarist Matt Bair was a great replacement for erstwhile original member Jon Siebels, despite having to fight equipment problems (a faulty jack on his main Gibson that started to cut out a few songs into the set). And drummer Tony Fagenson gave a rack-rocking performance that made me fear for the bouncing MacBook on the stand next to him.

I went for the nostalgia and wasn't disappointed—Eve 6 certainly didn't break any new ground sonically, but they wholly delivered on the lyrically-clever pop-punk-rock sound that I remember so well. I bought a shirt and blared (and sang along with) Horrorscope all the way home... and really is there any better measure of a show's success than that?


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