• Kieran has a new Top 50 Essential Albums list. [Part ONE of FIVE]

    Jun 21 2007, 23h48

    This time it will suit my mood RIGHT NOW...
    And to make it harder:
    - ONE album per band.

    Try it yourself too... it's surprisingly hard.

    In no order really, apart from the order that I think of them in...

    1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    This came to mind first because, as an album, I think it's got to be up there in my favourite of all time. It's one of those albums that you can just listen to from start to finish and either do nothing else and love every tiny second of it or just put on in hte background to whatever it is that you are doing, and pick up the odd tune here and there that you sing along to/hum. Definately a masterpiece of an album, and one that I favour over most albums out there.

    2. Mirrored
    Extraordinary record, this one. Bettered by few, and comparable to few before it too (but all somehow with litle links here and there to elements of al lsorts of musical styles and genres). This album, for me, pushed music in a direction that had not been ventured towards in quite the same manner before. By developing their own style in quite this way for this record, the band notched the bar further up for not only follow up albums by the band in question, but artists that consider themselves to be pushing boundaries whilst sticking with a fairly accessible sound.

    3. OK Computer
    Although I wouldn'tpersonally consider this my favourite Radiohad album, I think I'd say that it would be the most essential record of theirs if one were to hear just one of Radiohead's six studio albums. The album has a continuous theme in not only song-meanings, but also in the sound itself. The album manages to create a certain trademark Radiohead tone that stays within the record from start to finish. The quality of each song that features on the album can be praised for many different aspects, whilst at the same time building on the certain tone that is set out throughout the album. I personally really enjoy listening to this album, and there are plenty of moments of sheer brilliance that keep me listening again and again.

    4. Absolution
    For me, Muse have made four fantastic LPs that could each easily go into this list in their own right; but if one must be picked from the four, this album has to be the choice in my case. The continuity throughout is far more fluid than any other album Muse have written, and although Black Holes and Revelations, Origin Of Symmetry or Showbiz could be argued as having the greater number of standout songs, Absolution tips the scales ever so slightly by having such a range of different songs linked to a diverse influences list, whilst still keeping hold of a strong backbone that really is apparent when listening to the album from start to finish. I suppose I love it so much as an album becuase it fits so wonderfully together even with a massively varied mood of song.

    5. Feels
    This album is a love album. Avey Tare, lead singer and frontman of the group, testifies to this whenever asked. It's one of those life-affirming albums that you just love, especially when in the right mood. I strongly advise you to listen to Animal Collective if you haven't already, as they are what can only be described as 'delightfully eclectic'. Songs on this album become very familiar with a few listens, and unlike many other love songs and love albums before it, Feels has a very noticeable individuality about it. A charming listen, and one that should get you smiling from the first listen.

    6. Geogaddi
    Boards of Canada are a couple of Kings when it comes to electronica in my eyes (or should I say ears...). Each one of their albums has a distinctive (yet fairly different each time) Boards Of Canada sound. This album boasts 23 tracks of weird and wonderful sonic beauty. Excessive? No. Each track sounds like a necessity, despite the deception that may be caused by a large amount of short tracks. The album flows like some sort of awkward liquid that has never been seen on earth. It flows in a beautiful area of Scotland where hills and mountains dominate the horizon. The awkward and eerie placed in the middle of beauty. Lines such as '1969 in the sunshine' are blissfully spoken (through a vocoder, no doubt) just minutes after the oddly haunting countdown heard on 'Gyroscope', that sounds like it's being chanted by a child submerged underwater. Top marks for this album, a definate piece of genius.

    7. Melody A.M.
    This album has set a benchmark for chillout-ish electronica music for me. Although the other album (The Understanding) by this Scandinavian duo is arguably more summery and works fantastically well, especially at that time of year, Melody A.M. cannot be beaten by it. It has a certain character that The Understanding lacks; a certain charm that only comes with an artists first venture. The sort of charm that you wish was there in the second effort, but it doesn't always stick around for every artist. Whether it's summer or winter, Melody A.M. can be counted on as an absolute winner.

    8. Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
    This is a hell of a record. Stunning as GY!BE seem to be with a lot of what they do, there is a distinct feel to this album htat s not found on other LPs with their name on it. Indeed the other albums may hav their own distinctive sound, my point is that I love the feel of this particular album of theirs slightly more than the others, mainly because of its real ability to cater for a whole host of different feelings; where other records may lack in one key area for me.

    I'm a big fan of Lemon Jelly. They make nice music, that I can listen to at so many different times. As long as there's an inch of happy inside you at some point, this album will entertain! I chose this over their other two albums for its variation in sound and songwriting. This has a number of totally different songs that stand out from each other, and can either be listneed to an album or single songs can be taken at random times... because they're all just that good!

    10. Takk...
    This album, in my opinion, showcases Sigur Ros's sound on a far broader scale than the Icelanders previous releases. Where other albums have a more closed sound in terms of mood (at times... especially when compared to Takk.. - remember, all opinion), Takk... really deals with so many different sounds. Moving between tracks effortlessly, the album has some really whistle-able moments, alonside some albsolute post-rock-to-the-backbone-splendeur. This record will make you smile; it shimmers and comforts you.

    Part two with the next ten to follow shortly.
    Let me know what you think of my choices so far though, would be very nice =]



    OH WELL.
  • Kieran's 50 Essential Albums

    Nov 14 2006, 0h26

    As they sort of popped into my head... by no means perfect... not bad though.
    [Only rule I made was that there should only be one album per artist].

    Kid A

    Black Holes and Revelations
    Knights of Cydonia

    Sunshine Recorder

    Hopes and Fears
    She Has No Time

    One Time for All Time
    Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

    Moon Safari
    La femme d'argent

    The Milk-Eyed Mender
    "En Gallop"

    Simple Things

    Banshee Beat

    54 Cymru Beats

    Wake Up


    Hello Nasty

    EP C/B EP

    Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
    From the Ritz to the Rubble

    A Certain Trigger
    The Coast Is Always Changing

    Silent Alarm
    This Modern Love

    Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

    Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever
    A Poor Man's Memory

    Born to Be a Dancer

    Franz Ferdinand

    Melody A.M.
    So Easy

    Speak for Yourself
    Closing In

    Breathe In


    St. Elsewhere
    Go-Go Gadget Gospel

    She Moves She

    Building Steam With a Grain of Salt

    The Blower's Daughter

    The Best of Jimi Hendrix
    Purple Haze

    Begin to Hope

    Corinne Bailey Rae
    Like a Star

    A Rush of Blood to the Head
    The Scientist


    Dig Your Own Hole
    Setting Sun

    No Woman, No Cry

    Broken Social Scene
    Our Faces Split the Coast In Half

    Kind of Blue
    Blue in Green

    7 Seconds Of Love

    The Eraser
    Harrowdown Hill

    Short Circuit

    Antony and the Johnsons
    Hope There's Someone

    Come On Die Young

    Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
    The Staunton Lick

    Drum's Not Dead
    Drum And The Uncomfortable Can



    The Singles Collection
    Ghost Town

    Come On Feel The Illinoise!
    Casimir Pulaski Day

    Who Killed...

    I added a sort of favourite(ish) track from each of teh albums too
  • Haha, so bored.

    Jun 22 2006, 20h55

    Name your top 10 most played band on

    1. Muse
    2. Radiohead
    3. Animal Collective
    4. Imogen Heap
    5. The Chemical Brothers
    6. Battles
    7. Frou Frou
    8. 65daysofstatic
    9. Lemon Jelly
    10. Franz Ferdinand

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    I saw a live performance by them, they play like a reallly long medley of most songs found on the EPs

    2. What is your favourite album of 2?
    "Kid A". Simple.

    3. What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Hmm...kind of a tough one..."Come with us, and leave your earth behind." ("Come With Us")

    4. How many times have you seen 4 live?
    Once! It was INCREDIBLE.

    5. What is your favourite song by 7?
    Too hard... if i had to narrow it down to 3 then it would be "Breathe In", "It's Good To Be In Love" and "Let Go". I THINK. Really hard one that though...

    6. What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Seeing them live at the Alexandra Palace! And of course Nick winking at me there... he obvvvv. did!

    7. Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Ummm not really hehe

    8. What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    Right now:
    WAY too hard

    Favourites include:

    "That's it, sir
    You're leaving
    The crackle of pigskin
    The dust and the screaming
    The yuppies networking
    The panic, the vomit
    The panic, the vomit
    God loves his children, God loves his children, yeah..."
    ("Paranoid Android")

    and one more for good measure..

    "when im at the pearly gates
    thisll be on my videotape
    when Mephistopholis is just beneath
    and he's reaching up to grab me
    this is one for the good days
    and i have it all here in red blue green
    you are my centre when i spin away
    out of control on videotape"
    (not technically heard this one yet but yeah...)

    9. What is your favourite song by 9?
    I think "Go" at the moment

    10. How did you get in to 3?
    James Greenan.

    11. What was the first song you heard by 1?
    Not sure

    12. What is your favourite song by 4?
    Impossible to answer, sorry.

    13. How many time have you seen 9 live?
    Never, they rarely play...which is annoying heh

    14. what is a good memory you have concerning 2?
    Hearing Kid A for the first time.. Jesus, wow.

    15. Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?

    16. What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
    "I've gotta big big big big heart beat, yeah
    I think you are the sweetest thing
    I wear a coat of feelings and they are loud
    I've been having good days
    Think we are the right age
    To start out own peculiar ways
    With good friendly homes?

    You get me freaked freaked freaked on preakness
    Never met a girl that likes to drink with horses
    Knows her Chinese ballet
    Must admit you smell like fruity nuts and good grains
    When you show my purple gaze
    A thing or two at night
    Make me sick sick sick to kiss you and I think that I woud vomit
    But I'll do that on mondays I dont have a work way
    I like it when I bump you an accident's a truth gate
    I'm humbled in your pretty lense
    I'll hold you dont you go

    Sometimes you're quiet and sometimes I'm quiet.
    Sometimes I'm talkative and sometimes you're not talkative, I know....

    Well I'd like to spread your perfume around the old apartment
    Could we live together and agree on the same wares?
    A trapeze is a bird cage even if its empty
    and definitely fits the room
    And we would too

    And my dear dear dear khalana
    I talk too much about you
    Their ears are getting tired of me singing all the night through
    Lets just talk together
    You and me and me and you
    And if there's nothing much to say
    Well, silence is a bore

    I've gotta big big big big heart beat, yeah
    I think you are the sweetest thing
    I wear a coat of feelings and they are loud
    I've been having good days
    Think we are the right age
    To start our own peculiar ways
    With good and friendly homes?

    Sometimes you're quiet, and sometimes I'm quiet,
    Sometimes I'm talkative, and sometimes you're not talkative, i know.... Sometimes you hear me when others they can't hear me.
    Sometimes I'm naked and thank god sometimes you're naked.
    Well, hello.....

    Can I tell you that you are the purple in me?
    Can I call you just to hear you, would you care?
    When I saw you put your purple finger on me
    There's a feelin' in your bottle
    Found your bottle, found your heart
    Gives a feeling from your bottled little part

    Gotta crush, high
    Thought I crushed all I could
    Crushed all I can then I touched your hand
    Crush high
    Dont want it to stop
    'Cause stories of your brother make my crush high pop
    And you couldn't really know, cause it's in my toes
    And sometimes I wonder where that crush high go
    Crush high then I go and take some pills
    Cause I can't do all of my dos and still feel ill

    Whoo, you get that!

    Gotta crush, high
    Thought I crushed all I could
    Crushed all I can then I touched your hand
    Crush high
    Dont want it to stop
    'Cause stories of your brother make my crush high pop
    And you couldn't really know, cause it's in my toes
    And sometimes I wonder where that crush high go
    Crush high then I go and take some pills
    Cause I can't do all of my dos and still feel ill

    Whoo, you get that!"

    Yes...all of that song...TOO good! :D ("The Purple Bottle")

    17. what is your favourite song of 1?
    Now now that question is IMPOSSIBLE.

    18. What is your favourite song of 10?
    Again, can't answer it..too hard.

    19. How many times have you seen 8 live?
    Never, but I will be soon.. they tour lots :)

    20. What is your favourite album of 1?
    I think it's going to have to be "Black Holes and Revelations"... it's amazing. But like... I kind of can't choose one really...

    21. What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    Watching the sun rise to "Go" was fantastic a few nights ago :D Odd..but yes!!

    22. What was the first song you heard by 8?
    "Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here" .. you it's the first track on the first album I heard heh :)
  • Battles

    Abr 24 2006, 21h57

    Not showing up on overall artists :S
    Gah, I've been listening to them so much in the last 4 or so days.
    Literally like nothing else but them and a bit of Don Caballero and Animal Collective.


    Abr 23 2006, 11h32

    Yay for them! Ricky got up on the barrier right next to where I was standing (Yes, right at the front. And yes, I was there throughout), and I held his hand! Heheh yeeeeeeah!! (And touched his arm and felt his leg).
    It was SO good!
  • AthruZ

    Mar 20 2006, 8h36

    I'm ill today, and bored already so I thought I'd try one of these...
    Here goes...

    Aphex Twin
    Bloc Party
    The Chemical Brothers
    Daft Punk
    Explosions in the Sky
    Franz Ferdinand
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    Jeff Buckley
    Kaiser Chiefs
    Lemon Jelly
    Odd Nosdam
    The Pogues
    Sufjan Stevens
    Team Sleep
    The Unicorns
    Victor Wooten
    The White Stripe

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    The Zutons

    Hard to pick them... especially A, L, N, O, S (I had to not have Sigur Rós...), T, U (no U2), and Z (no sign of Zero 7).

    Not bad, I don't have any X's.

    Off to maybe do some work as I may as well... or I'll go back to bed, my head and stuf hurts and I feel feverish.

    Bye all...
  • Last Week (Feb 25 - Mar 5) : Top 10 Bands

    Mar 8 2006, 12h35

    Fantastic. Really relaxing for me and last week I simply put on most of their albums and used them to work to. Moon Safari is a great album, my favourite album by them. :)

    Muse, in my opinion, are the greatest band on earth. Everything they do amazes me, and with the addition of Reading 2002 to my collection of Muse, I've started listening to them so much again. Expect a high position next week. :D

    Lemon Jelly
    I don't have the first album, but the other two that I do have are a couple of my favourite albums I have ever heard. I can work to them, or tap my feet and head to them. Wonderful Artist.

    Sufjan Stevens
    One of my favourite artists, easily. The man has a beautiful voice, and writes beautiful songs. Its hard not to smile whilst listening to his music :)

    Joy Division
    Recently, I have got back into Joy Division after countless overhearings of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Just classic.

    Aphex Twin
    Never heard music quite the same. Richard David James puts so much into such a small time period, and is a pioneer in what he does. Hard to work to though...

    My new alias. I only listen to me because I listen to my recordings I make. They aren't very good, really. I just make a lot of them...

    Arctic Monkeys
    Refreshingly Simple. :D
    One of my favourite albums at teh moment! Lyrically genius, and the ideas for the riffs and music shine through wonderfully. Brilliant Stuff.

    If I need to work, I listen to only a certain group of bands. This is one of them, although it of course works without working. One of my favourite albums of 2005 - Melody A.M.

    This album surpasses 'beautiful'. It's fun, happy and catchy. Need I say more?
  • About 'me' being second of this week...

    Fev 26 2006, 22h20

    I recorded a lot...
    And when I listen to it, it comes up on this of course...
    Maybe I should record my own experiments under some sort of alias...
  • Compiling a Top 20 Albums...

    Fev 22 2006, 1h27

    A sort of Top 20 Albums of all-time.
    I think I'll do one every 6 months to see how my views on music in general change.
    It's very hard.
    I'll probably also do a best ten albums of the last year every year - possibly too late for a 2005 one...
    Here it is...

    1) Absolution - Muse
    2) Kid A - Radiohead
    3) Drukqs - Aphex Twin
    4) Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven -Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    5) OK Computer - Radiohead
    6) Origin Of Symmetry - Muse
    7) Dig Your Own Hole - Chemical Brothers
    8) Showbiz - Muse
    9) F# A# (Infinity) - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    10) Silent Alarm - Bloc Party
    11) ( ) - Sigur Rós
    12) Lost Horizons - Lemon Jelly
    13) The Bends - Radiohead
    14) Come With Us - Chemical Brothers
    15) Discovery - Daft Punk
    16) Come On Feel The Illinoise! - Sufjan Stevens
    17) Surrender - Chemical Brothers
    18) LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem
    19) Hail To The Thief - Radiohead
    20) Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die… - Explosions In The Sky

    Dez 5 2005, 19h54

    Just like to announce that Saturday night at the Ally Pally was a night to remember :D
    Absolutely fantastic, I was stood right at the front, literally RIGHT at the front - Nick winked at me, well I think he did anyway, so I'll just say he did heheheh :P
    My God they bloody ruled, I'm still very much on a high from it :)
    That's all I must say :)