My Top 6's top 10 songs!


Jun 21 2010, 22h17

Okay, so we all know Kenet (that's meeeee) loves music. it's not a secret unless you're a moron...(haha, just kidding...)

I have my Top 6 Artists on LastFM and i'm going to give my Top 10 songs for each artist, so let me know what you think on that...comments are more than welcome.

Starting With:

BOSTON (801 Plays so far...)
*keep in mind, this was hard, as Boston has soooo many awsome songs =)

1. Don't Look Back
2. Foreplay/Longtime
3. It's Easy
4. Hollyann
5. Used to Bad News
6. Smokin'
7. Higher Power
8. Cool the Engines
9. A Man I'll Never Be
10. Feelin' Satisfied

JOURNEY (563 far)
*Also hard to narrow down! =(

1. When you love a Woman
2. After the Fall
3. Be Good to Yourself
4. Mother, Father
5. The Eyes of a Woman
6. Still they Ride
7. Separate Ways (worlds apart)
8. Wheel in the Sky
9. Why can't this night go on forever
10. If he should break your heart.

EAGLES (266 far)
*awsome, awsome band!

1. In the City
2. Midnight Flyer
3. Best of my Love
4. Love will Keep us Alive
4. Peaceful Easy Feeling
5. Wasted Time
6. One of These Nights
7. Take it Easy
8. Pretty Maids All in a Row
9. Hotel California
10. Desperado

STEVE PERRY (217 far)
* oh, what a vocalist!

1. Against the Wall
2. Melody
3. What Was
4. She's Mine
5. Anyway
6. I Am
7. Captured by the Moment
8. For the love of Strange Medicine
9. One more Time
10. Oh Sherrie

CHICAGO (201 far)
*so awsome with peter Cetera!

1. Will you Still Love Me
2. Street Player
3. Hard to Say im Sorry/Get Away
4. If you Leave me Now
5. Feelin' Stronger Everyday
6. You're the Inspiration
7. Saturday in the Park
8. Just You n' Me
9. Hard Habit to Break
10. Stay the Night

AMERICA (115 far)
* really wish i had more america songs than i actually have, i love mellow and amazing all around.

1. I Need You
2. Ventura Highway
3. Lonely People
4. Sister Golden Hair
5. You can do Magic
6. Horse with no Name
7. Tin Man
8. Muskrat Love
9. Don't Cross the River
10. Inspector Mills


  • The80sFan

    WOW!!! You have many of the same tracks near the top of your list for each band! Like Journey "When You Love A Woman" is my most played and probably my all time favorite one by them!!! =) Just an awesome list Kenet! Great job!!!!

    Jun 22 2010, 21h04
  • kenet87

    My plays for each artist have gone up since i posted this...except America i think but it was hard to narrow down! especially Boston and Journey. they have so many awsome songs that deserve a spot.

    Jun 22 2010, 21h58
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