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Jul 7 2009, 7h36

PR: "The Apparatus has put together 21 track, 2 disc free download compilation. What's the catch? None of the bands are signed. Not even independent labels have caught on. This is the cream of the global crop; underground Tech Metal. It's hard to bring all these micro tech metal scenes together. This compilation is our biggest attempt. So here you go. Download it. Burn it. Blow up your car stereo with it. Do what you do."

Download Link in article:

Aphotic Discord, Bedlam of Cacophony, Blorgalakt, Brazen Bull, Chon, Concealment, Diluting Inertia, The Doriangray, Equal Minds Theory, Errata, Feeding The Foxes, Grizzly, Isetta, Journal, Killitorous, The Last of Lucy, Malak, Ringbearer, Savior for a Fallen Hero, Torrential Downpour, Wreck of the Minotaur


  • Takkeri

    Gread idea! This is a good way to try finding more technical death metal bands. I really like some bands in that genre.

    Jul 28 2009, 19h12
  • GodLord0

    link is broken

    Jul 2 2013, 9h45
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