• I'm Fairly Sure

    Dez 20 2008, 1h34

    Thu 18 Dec – I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business, The Morning Light, Good Old War, Ace Enders And A Million Different People
    That Keith Goodwin, Daniel Schwartz, and Tim Arnold are angels. I have no other explanation for how amazing they are at what they do.

    Last night (12/18/08) I witnessed Good Old War perform for the second time in less then six months. My loss of words is most likely the best way to describe their live performance. The first time that I saw them they played all of their instruments and made a completely pop folk album sound so heavy and amazing. But last night was a completely different atmosphere. The crowd probably consisted of about a good 50 people as they performed an acoustic set. On top of the fact they they perform better live then they do on record isn't why last night was such an amazing experience. The fact that they made you feel at home while they played gave you the feeling you were a part of the band. It was also a great moment when a good number of the people in attendance new the majority of the words creating a heavenly chorus for the guys. I think the best way to prove that they have mastered their music is when they played "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" a Crosby, Stills, and Nash cover and did the legends justice by outdoing the original by far.

    When it comes to music I don't think there is anything Good Old War can't do, but I will be there to witness every bit of it.