The Mission District- 30/9/2009


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The Mission District- Camden Barfly- 30/9/2009

Despite The Mission District having to postpone their September UK tour until November, they still managed to come over and play the London Show on the 30th September :)

My friend Caitlin and I headed up to London straight after school and went to the Camden Barfly expecting their to be loads of people there because seetickets had messed up with the tickets, but when we arrived at about 5.30 there were only about 10 other people there. I knew one of the people, Katy, from previous TMD gigs and soon we were friends with everyone in the queue. Eventually we went in, after nearly 2 hours of queueing and we headed straight to the front. We had a quite good position, right at the front, but at the side, so it wasn't all cramped and we werent getting pushed around.

Jump The Lights were already playing when we got in, trying desperately hard to get the less than enthusiastic crowd dancing around. After a couple of songs they cleared the stage for Save Your Breath who were slightly more sucessful at keeping the crowd entertained, personally I didn't really like them, but they had a good stage presence and that was good enough for me. Snakes Hate Fire, the last support band of the night played a good set, including some new tracks.

At last it was time for TMD to come on stage, and the venue went wild with screams of "I love youu" all around. I had a really good view from where I was, standing on a box right by the side, so I could see over everyone :) The Mission District played a very energetic set, starting with Heartbreaker Perhaps the highlight for many fans was hearing the acoustic version of Anchors live, to which David asked if we wanted to sit on the floor, before deciding that that wouldnt work. Their cover version of Black Eyed Peas 'I gotta Feeling' went down very well with all the crowd singing along. The set list included all the old favourites such as recent single So Over You as well as The Best Of You And Me TMD ended a fantastic show with The Age Of Pretending before coming back after chants of "One More Song One More Song" to play a final song, their awesome cover of Just Dance.

We headed downstairs to chat to the band as usual, and it was awesome that David remembered who I was from last time. After chatting to David and Rob, and getting them to sign my converse, I chatted to Antoine and some of the Snakes Hate Fire guys before heading over to Mike, who had caught my eye during the show when I was trying to take a photo of him. We had a chat about the flickr group and November Tour and he said that we'd celebrate my 18th in Guildford. :)

I had an awesome night and I came home with a setlist and one of Mike's Drumsticks as well as lots of awesome photos. I can't wait for November Tour :D


  • paper-shoes

    How was the show? Or its not yet..?

    Nov 14 2009, 3h39
  • katielovesTMD

    the show was good. :) sorry, I only just saw this.

    Jul 2 2010, 14h20
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