Electric Gardens was ace!


Ago 7 2007, 19h49

Well yesterday I went to Electric Gardens festival and it was amazingly groovy. It had 4 stages which were all in close proximity to each other, meaning that running from stage to stage was quite acceptable and cause of the lack of big crowds the only time I got squished was when some drunk person crashed into the back of me and mushed me between him and the guy in front of me. Otherwise there was always somewhere to sit down, chill out, and enjoy the artist to their full potential.

The first band I saw was called Palladium
who were prety groovy, reminded me of some kinda 80s band, but they were cool enough to pull it off in the 21st Century. They also provided what turned out to be the classic line of the festival which was when the lead singer introduced the band and said "We have Fez, Rufio, Rocky Harris.... and I'm Pete!" We then moseyed over to see Peggy Sue and the Piratesbut they weren't on yet so we saw Ciara Haidar who reminded me of Kate Nash (see below for more about her!)except it was just her and her piano which was amazing. Ranging from Jazz and other stuff she was the accidental find of the festival. Check her out here http://www.myspace.com/ciarahaidar

After this we dutifully stayed for Peggy Sue and the Pirates, as usual human beings do we assumed they would be made up of a woman (probably called Peggy Sue) and maybe a couple of people dressed as pirates, but no, of course it wasn't cause that would be too easy! It turned out to be two women with one guitar and sometimes and egg shaker. They were very groovy-o, providing chilled out music and the reminder of just what two women and a guitar can do! We then moved over to see Blood Red Shoes who were kinda cool, and did a good set considering they'd litereally just got off the van cause they were late due to the traffic in the area and the lady guitarist was a bit van sick. They reminded me of a cross between The Subways and ... someone else who i can't remember the name of.

After that we decided to mosey around a bit and i saw a guy called Gillan Edgaron the myspace stage who was really cool and played violin whilst singing, a talent i've always been amazed at. He was also the only band of the day to venture into audience participation, which was very brave considering they were only 30 odd people watching him. However, with a bit of encouragement and some drunk guys dressed as golfers we soon got into it and were singing along like the next person. Unless u were standing next to James, cause he didn't sing along =( check him out here www.myspace.com/gillanedgar

After this we went to see Foals who were 3 guys with guitars, a keyboardist who was wearing short and James said he looked like a postman, and a drummer. They were amazing to watch live but I wasn't sure how good their music would be to listen to on CD. I think you can find their myspace here but unfortunately my internet connection is too pants to check www.myspace.com/foals

Then went over to listen to Kate Nash, who, as I'd been told before sounded like a Lily Allen who swears a bit more, which was slightly true only she plays her own instruments which gives her a lot more kudos than Lily Allen. Plus her songs were better as well. She's releasing an album monday so when i have money again I might have to invest in it. Meanwhile, check her out here if u havn't heard her single "Foundations" already www.myspace.com/katenashmusic

The Pipettes were on next who briefly saw at Glastonbury but i had to leave them early to go and catch The Holloways. Of course everyone else had the same idea meaning we couldn't get in the tent but i was still able to see them a bit and realised that the rest of their music was good, but not quite the same as "Generator", which is their single I'd heard of. Still, all good and i liked the guy who was wearing the hat.

We stayed in the Second Stage tent for New Young Pony Club whose album has recently been nominated for the Mercury Music Award thing so i figured they should be quite good. And they were. They were a great band to dance around to, once again proving that u can produce dance music with a drummer, 2 guitarists, a keyboardist and a singer. Also i want the dress the singer was wearing, but I don't think it would look as good on me. Anyway, unfortunately we had to leave these people early as well so we could get a good spot for Supergrass.

Supergrass, as expected were awesome, playing a load of tracks from their upcoming album which sounded immense, as well as playing all my favourites from their albums, including Rush Hour Soul, which I forgot how good it sounds live. The only minor annoyance was that they didn't play "Alright", but the set was so good i didn't notice this until James pointed it out.

So that was it. A good day had by all. Now all was left was to try and get back to the car in the dark.....


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