My favourite female vocalists


Ago 9 2009, 10h42

List of my favourite female voices:)

1. Anneke van Giersbergen - ex The Gathering, Agua de Annique

Girl with the most beautiful voice ever. Her music with The Gathering was really magic. I love all what she did with this band. All albums from Mandylion to Home were pretty amazing. I'm absolutely in love with her, she's making my life a better place. She's so charming, so natural when she's on stage and her sunny smile... She's an angel walking on earth.

2. Tori Amos

It's really incredible what this woman did for music. She writes the most beautiful melodies in this world, her lyrics are perfect and of course THIS voice... She's multitalented.

3. PJ Harvey

What is the most amazing thing about Polly's music is that all of her albums are something new. She's never making the same record twice. Her style is still evolving. And she's amazing in all what she's doing. Polly is an amazing lyricist and has got one of the most characteristic voices ever. I'm absolutely obsessed with her.

4. Emiliana Torrini

She's beautiful, charming woman with lovely voice. Her music is making me feel better. I fell in love with her after first listen. And what is really great - she's not acting a star, she's always very natural - this is what I love about her also.

5. Pati Yang - Flykkiller

I'm proud of her cause in Poland we don't have a lot of as great singers as she is. Pati is making awesome music solo and has got a great project called FlyKKiller. She's truly talented and has got a lot of energy (especially when she's on stage:)). I must say that I don't listen a lot of electronic music but Pati is really one of my favourite artist ever.

6. Björk

One of the best voices ever. She's extraordinary, no one can copy her. Her music has got a spirit that I love in music. She's very talented lyricist and has got a voice like no other woman...

7. Silje Wergeland - The Gathering, Octavia Sperati

It was hard for me to get into The West Pole cause I really love Anneke. At first I thought that I won't be able to love The Gathering's music anymore. But after a few listens I fell in love with Silje's voice. She's very talented singer and I think she's great successor for Anneke. Also her own band Octavia Sperati has got a lot of great songs and awesome atmosphere. Yeah, she's really amazing.

8. Cristina Scabbia - Lacuna Coil

She's great vocalist and beautiful woman. Lacuna Coil's music is very important for me and it's very sentimental. They were one of the first bands with female vocals that I fell in love with. I really enjoy them and I hope that they'll come back to their style from Half Life times.

9. Sarah McLachlan

Angelic voice. Her music is full of passion, of emotions - that's amazing. She writes from her soul. I love her delicate voice, she really moves me.

10. Feist

Her music is very catchy, maybe a bit commercial, but I don't mind - I really like it. She's one of the best modern female singers, has got her own style. Very talented girl.


  • analogpark

    Great list =) Anneke does has the most beautiful voice ever.

    Dez 11 2009, 18h09
  • legendaryharry

    yes, i agree. as long as you mentioned tori, what about kate bush? i think her voice is pretty unique, too. ah, i forgot: maybe laurie anderson should be added to the list.

    Jan 9 2010, 22h43
  • xeneizes

    I miss in the list Tarja and Sandra Nasic.

    Fev 8 2010, 10h14
  • BlanketReviewer

    amazing list. I agree on every single level except maybe pj harvey would've been first for me and then anneke, then bjork. I haven't listened to much Tori Amos but I guess I should check that out!

    Mai 10 2010, 20h30
  • karolcia_1993

    You should, definitely! Tori is a goddess:)

    Mai 11 2010, 12h37
  • Numenesse_

    hmm... u mnie Anneke była na 1 miejscu wśród żeńskich głosów dopóki nie usłyszałam Evy Cassidy. "Wayfaring Stranger" czy "Over The Rainbow" w jej wykonaniu MIAŻDŻĄ. polecam :)

    Mai 21 2010, 15h23
  • RbrtsWax88

    I agree 100 percent with your comment about PJ.

    Out 26 2010, 1h48
  • jpeiper

    Ditto on the PJ observations. You are dead on.

    Abr 7 2011, 20h00
  • irisvanhoorn

    Great list! Mine would look a little bit different but at least Tori, Anneke, Silje and Sarah would be in it! They have really amazing voices, all in their own way. Maybe I should try some of the other ones of your list :-)

    Set 20 2011, 13h08
  • karolcia_1993

    thanks :) I think you should try the other ones - I swear they're all amazing :)

    Set 20 2011, 14h15
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